JAC’s Long-Awaited Four-Wheel Drive Pick-Up to Hit Middle East and African Markets Next Year

(Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600418)
is currently developing a new
four-wheel drive pick-up following the success of their Frison model in
the international market. The Chinese auto maker aims to repeat the
success the Frison has achieved globally, when it unveils its new model
in Africa and the Middle East next year. Sales of the Frison were
particularly high in Chile, where it quickly became the No.1 Chinese
pick-up model after its release in May. This followed the model’s strong
performance in the Philippines and Paraguay. During the first half year JAC
overseas pick-up sales have doubled compared to the previous half year.
These outstanding sales figures not only demonstrate a growing
recognition of the
reliability and quality in the international market, but also
indicate the company’s ability to manufacture and export an
independently-developed pick-up.

The Frison has won acclaim across the international and Chinese markets
for its power, superior loading ability and advanced fuel economy. Take
the Frison’s largest export markets such as Chile and the Philippines,
and popular Chinese markets such as Yunnan and Guizhou as examples.
Complicated landscapes in these areas add difficulties to loading and
logistics, and require advanced transportation tools. The superior pass
ability and power performance of Frison have perfectly met the demands
of these areas. The Frison’s gasoline pick-up is equipped with a 2.0
Lengine developed by JAC,
with maximum power of 110kw and torque of 196Nm. Meanwhile, the model’s
higher emissions efficiency and better fuel economy have fully met the
demands of long-distance transportation.

The Frison has sold particularly well for commercial purposes. With
advanced seventh-generation JAC
chassis technology and a pick-up track of 1520x1520x470mm (or
1810×1520×470mm on the upgraded model), the Frison has an enhanced
loading ability, making it especially suitable for use in mining, timber
and fishery enterprises, such as in Chile, the sugar industry, such as
in Cuba, and the transportation of building materials, such as in
Venezuela. Consumers from these industries have in particular praised
the Frison’s fuel-saving performance. Firstly, the Frison’s body is
formed from light-weight and plastic composite materials, effectively
reducing the body weight of the vehicle. Secondly, the vehicle has
incorporated Navistar’s highly efficient and eco-friendly engineering,
Bosch’s high-pressure common rail system and variable super charger
technology, as well as advanced LC5T80 five-speed manual transmission.
This has greatly reduced the Frison’s fuel consumption to a mere 7L per
hundred kilometers.

JAC Motors

Motors is an automaker that develops full-line independent brand
vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, sedans, MPV, SRV,
buses, chassis, engineering machinery, engines, and gearboxes. Based in
Hefei, China, the company’s research and development center drives its
innovation. JAC
also founded China’s first overseas research and development center in
Turin Italy, and a second in Tokyo, Japan.


JAC Motors
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