Java Master® brings Industry “Game Changer” for Retailers and their Shoppers

Java Master® Retail Roasters are Redefining

WIXOM, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Java Master® is raising the coffee bar with on-site roasters
at retail. In-store roasting delivers an unmatched level of freshness
that provides retailers a huge competitive edge and a differentiating
experience for shoppers. This type of advancement of coffee freshness
brings a commitment to coffee lovers with the authentic taste of coffee
and transparency to the fact that coffee is best enjoyed between 4 -14
days from being roasted.

The current supply chain of coffee does not provide the best-in-class
coffee experience. Even if retailers provide fresh brewed, the
experience does not reach full potential unless it is also freshly
roasted. Over 65% of coffee sold in the US has been either in transit or
on the shelf for 30+ days resulting in stale coffee. Java Master®
is looking to close that freshness gap, helping retailers provide the
authentic taste of fresh, quality coffee with fully automated, on-site
roasters. On-site roasting offers ultimate freshness surpassing the
quality of other coffee destinations, giving in-store roasters a leg-up
on well-known coffee retailers.

The aroma that comes with in-store roasting goes a long way in making
each location a memorable destination for truly fresh coffee. The Java
Master® solution delivers on many other attractive retailer
needs, such as growing store brands, customization, as well as expanding
foodservice and specialty offerings.

Java Master® enables retailers to roast 1-5 lb batches of
coffee on-site, in less than 10 minutes. On-demand, custom roasting
accommodates specific roast profiles to optimize offerings based on
consumer preferences and desire for personalization.

Electrically powered, the roaster is easier to install and safer to
operate than gas-powered models. The Java Master® roaster
uses convection technology to assure a remarkably uniform roast. The
hot-air roasting process not only yields great-tasting coffee, it
removes bean husks and chaff as the beans roast. That’s a brilliant feat
of Java Master’s® patented design and engineering. By
avoiding gas-drum roasted processes retailers improve speed-to-shelf.
The small footprint design is contained to only 17″w x 25″d x 70″h and
comes with a lifetime warranty.

As if that is not enough to be excited about, retailers also reap bottom
line benefits when starting with green coffee vs. pre-roasted coffee.
Compared to roasted beans, they cost far less. Plus, they have a shelf
life that’s nearly 40 times longer.

Java Master’s quest is to make sure consumers enjoy the freshest coffee
possible while helping retailers have a stake in the most equitable and
crucial part of the value chain – roasting,” said Jacques Shalo, CEO
Java Master International LLC.

The Java Master® consignment program allows retailers a lower
cost of entry while sourcing the highest quality, green coffee through
Java Master International LLC. With diverse origins, roast profiles,
blends and packaging options, Java Master® makes it easy for
retailers to build successful private-label coffee businesses that offer
the ultimate freshness. Java Master International LLC has a proven model
for return on investment.

In-store coffee roasting is one of the most important activities that
we do to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have been
roasting with the Java Master® platform for several years and
it has made a staggering difference in our specialty coffee sales,” said
John Pardington, owner of Holiday Market.

John Przybyla, VP Relationship Management, Training & Technical Service
for Java Master International said, “We are anxious to deliver this
solution nationwide to elevate quality and provide optimal coffee


Java Master® headquartered in Wixom, MI, provides electric
coffee roasters to retailers helping them benefit from the most
profitable sector of the coffee industry. Roasting is also the primary
key to freshness and quality. Java Master® roasters is a
patented and trademarked platform for roasting coffee beans on-demand
and on-site. The Java Master® mission is to close the gap of
freshness by bringing fresh roasted coffee closer to consumers. Over 300
Java Master® units are in the field, of which 200 have been
purchased and installed by some well-known grocery chains. Java Master®
has been a trusted advisor and delivering ROI to retailers since 1987.
Over that time the Java Master® roasting machine has been
perfected for small footprint, ease of use and operational efficiency.
It has been tested and certified to ensure the safest standards for
retail environments. Java Master® is ETL, UL, CE, and CSA
certified. Java Master® also provides green coffee sourced
from some of the world’s most fertile, productive soils
including Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America. Whatever their
origin, each Java Master® bean matures amid a near-perfect
balance of elevation, volcanic earth, moisture, sun and shade, which
helps explain the full-flavored profile of all Java Master® coffees.

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