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NORFOLK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cocoa–In an effort to further brand itself as a unique money-saving
alternative to high priced, brand-named single-serve coffee pods, has changed its name to, one year after
launching their online Keurig-compatible coffee service. The move was
also inspired by a letter from Keurig Green Mountain’s legal department.

Director of Marketing Peter Michaud explains his take on seeing the
letter, “It didn’t take very long for us to realize that this letter was
an indication that we were indeed settling into our place in the market,
and that the fact they reached out to us validated our mission
statement. Their concern was the letter K in our marketing. The way it
was explained to us, the letter K in the context of coffee belongs to
them. It’s amazing what a difference one letter can make.” He continues,
“Spell it with a fancy K, and you get fancy pricing. Spell with a C, and
you have choice and affordable pricing. For us, the change was simple
and made sense.”

Over 11 million Keurig brewing machines were sold in 2015 alone, and the
number of American households adopting single-serve machines continues
to increase each year. offers an affordable solution to
the Keurig branded pods while maintaining and even exceeding quality. It
also adds a unique twist to the ordering process.

According to’s Managing Director John Plescia, this is
because customers are able to fully personalize each box they order.

“One of the things that sets us apart from everyone else, other than
price, is that our clients are able to personalize each and every cup in
their order with Build-a-Box, exclusive to The other guys
force their customers to order minimum amounts of each blend, say 24 or
so at a time,” says Plescia. “Our clients are able to hand pick each and
every cup they would like in their order. An order can be as few as 15
cups, or clients can choose to really max out their savings and order 60
or more at a time, always no minimum quantity per blend.”

As well as the country’s most popular coffee blends, also
offers a wide selection of tea and cocoa drinks as well.

Michaud says that the company is committed to price, but also selection
and quality. “We’re really proud to be able to offer great pricing to
our customers, but in the end, the customers need a good balance of
price, quality and selection. It’s very important to us here at to be constantly keeping our variety and choices as fresh
as our java blends.”

John Plescia, 888-400-4701, ext. 201