Jellyvision Simplifies Short Term Disability, Offers to Complicate Something Easy So Complication Lovers Don’t Feel Bad

Introducing an interactive new way to navigate the confusing process
of applying for short-term disability leave

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HR–Jellyvision today introduced its newest confusion-busting employee
communication product, ALEX: Leave of Absence, a simple-to-use
interactive timeline that walks people through the steps required to
file a short term disability claim with their employer.

“Nobody likes the getting the runaround,” said Jellyvision CEO Amanda
Lannert, “but that’s exactly what can happen if you start a short term
disability claim without the right kind of support. ‘Get this form from
your doctor.’ ‘Make sure you have this box checked.’ ‘Oh, sorry, based
on what you submitted, you don’t qualify.’ ALEX makes the process so
much easier for everyone involved.”

ALEX: Leave of Absence guides employees through the entire lifespan of a
short-term disability claim. From gathering all the required forms and
documentation to get a claim started to preparing for a return to the
workplace, ALEX makes sure employees know what’s required of them every
step of the way. And because ALEX is a virtual advisor, employees don’t
have to worry about disclosing confidential or sensitive personal

“While a helpful HR pro can walk you through your short term-disability
claim, that process takes time, and can be a real drain on resources,”
Lannert said. “ That’s why we made ALEX: Leave of Absence—so HR can
concentrate on helping employees, and employees filing for short term
disability can concentrate on getting well.”

Of course, since Jellyvision has now simplified the notoriously
difficult process of filing short-term disability claims – something
lovers of complication will surely miss – it has offered to try
complicating something easy like taking candy from a baby or falling off
a log as form of compensation. Those things should be more hard anyway.

Demos for ALEX: Leave of Absence are available here.

About Jellyvision

Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive
software talks people through important, complex and potentially
snooze-inducing life decisions—like choosing a healthcare insurance
plan, saving for retirement or managing finances—in simple, fun and
engaging ways. Its recipe: behavioral science, great writing, purposeful
humor, mighty tech, and oregano.

The company’s SaaS-based employee communication platform ALEX is used by
hundreds of companies with more than 10 million employees in
total—including 71 of the Fortune 500 and one in five of the country’s
largest companies. ALEX helps employees make better decisions about $80
billion of health insurance premiums, 401(k) allocations, and financial

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