Just Desserts Selects Babbco Impingement Tunnel Oven

Latest in a series of growth investments

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just Desserts announced that it has invested in an industry-leading
Babbco Air Impingement Tunnel Oven that will support the company’s

Michael J. Mendes, CEO of Just Desserts, led an extensive process to
identify the most technologically advanced oven to support the company’s
rapid growth. “We are very pleased with the Babbco tunnel oven, as it
has improved quality, consistency, and throughput,” said Mendes. He
adds, “The impingement baking technology has improved moisture
retention, which is a significant consumer benefit.” The state of the
art impingement oven bakes 35% faster than the prior direct-fired oven,
and has independent top and bottom heat controls resulting in a very
even bake.

The oven’s integrated loader has provided seamless product flow through
the Just Desserts production bakery. Bill Foran, CEO of Babbco said, “We
were very pleased to work with Just Desserts, and our oven capabilities
are well-suited to the diverse baking needs of the growing bakery.”
Mendes of Just Desserts noted, “Bill Foran, Frank Achterberg and the
Babbco/CBF team were reliable and effective partners throughout the
process, and very engaged during our installation and start-up.”

The investment in the industry-leading Babbco tunnel oven is amongst the
most recent investments made by Just Desserts. Mendes adds, “We are
excited about these growth investments in support of our commitment to
customers and consumers.” Last year, Just Desserts opened a new 75,000
square foot production bakery on a 7-acre site in Fairfield, California.
The bakery includes an over 11,600 square foot freezer, dedicated CCOF
organic certified production area, and an on-site lab with a focus on
food safety, quality, and reliability.

About Just Desserts

Just Desserts is an artisan-inspired baking company that bakes elevated
desserts and wholesome sweet snacks. Just Desserts was founded in San
Francisco in 1974 with the promise of baking from scratch, sourcing
locally, using whole ingredients, and offering modern interpretations of
favorite American classics.

Just Desserts continues to bake with today’s consumer in mind by
offering a full range of organic, vegan, non-GMO, and whole ingredient
desserts and sweet snacks. With its state-of-the-art production bakery,
Just Desserts still bakes in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now
delivers its premium offerings to quality retailers nationwide.

For more information, visit: JustDesserts.com


Just Desserts
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