Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Colleges Recommend Parents Limit Their Involvement in the Admissions Process, Noting Some Parents Exhibit “Extreme Behavior” to Help Their Kids Get In

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–College admissions officers offer this advice to parents of college
applicants: Let your child sit in the driver’s seat. According to a
recent Kaplan Test Prep survey of admissions officers at over 350
colleges across the United States, 75 percent say parents should only be
“somewhat involved” in the admissions process, stepping in only when
their child asks them*. Only one in five (18 percent) recommend parents
be “very involved,” guiding their child every step of the way; just one
percent say be “extremely involved,” suggesting parents take care of
everything themselves. On the other end of the spectrum, only six
percent say parents should be “not very involved,” and less than one
percent say “not involved at all.”

As one admissions officers explained: “Parents should be very involved
in coaching and advising in the actual decision making, but it’s also
important for students to be the ones most engaged in the process and in
contact with the admissions officers.” Another admissions officer
shared: “Students need to make the transition into college, where
they’re going to need to be independent, so we appreciate when students
take ownership.” Other admissions officers indicated that an ideal area
for parents to be involved in is the financial aid process.

But when has a parent overstepped their boundaries or violated norms in
the college admissions process? Admissions officers offered a long list
of things NOT to do, which could inadvertently harm their child’s
chances of getting in. Among the anecdotes:

  • “I once had a parent call pretending to be the student, but I had met
    the student before so I knew how their voice sounds. I called the
    student’s cell phone after to suggest that her mom not pretend to be
    her and call other schools because that’s fraud.”
  • “We’ve had parents make their students sign waivers so that the parent
    can speak to anyone on campus regarding them.”
  • “We have plenty of ‘helicopter parents’ who are overly involved. We’ve
    had parents who wouldn’t let the student speak in meetings even when
    we tried to engage the student specifically.”
  • “There have been parents who’ve called requesting to change their
    child’s major because they don’t want their child in that major.”
  • “In some cases we’d get duplicate records due to parents and students
    both trying to complete parts of the application without talking to
    each other.”

“At Kaplan Test Prep, we believe parents can play a constructive role in
their child’s admissions process, whether accompanying them to campus
visits, making sure they meet application deadlines, and helping them
fill out necessary financial aid paperwork. But in other areas, it’s
most beneficial for parents to let their child take the lead, including
deciding where to apply, letting them speak for themselves when talking
with admissions officers, filling out their own applications and
ultimately deciding where to enroll,” said Cailin Papszycki, director of
college admissions and K-12 programs, Kaplan Test Prep. “The college
admissions process will have its ups and downs, so it’s crucial that
parents and their kids establish good communication lines with each
other, which could result in better outcomes and even turn it into a
fun, bonding experience.”

For a short video illustrating the survey’s findings, click here.
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Admission Possible, visit here.

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*For the survey, 354 admissions officers from the nation’s top
national, regional and liberal arts colleges and universities – as
compiled from U.S. News & World Report – were polled by telephone
between July and August 2016.

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