KEEN Launches Live Monumental Film Tour with Premiere on Earth Day

Film documents KEEN’s cross-country road trip advocating for the
protection of 3 million acres of public lands, with Earth Day premiere
in San Francisco at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the first 10 months of KEEN’s
Monumental campaign
, the movement traveled 7,500 miles across 25
states, captured more than 40,000 petition signatures, rallied support
from more than 50 businesses, and hosted more than 47 events – including
a reception on Capitol Hill in October that marked the finale of the
2015 tour and start of KEEN’s 2016 campaign efforts.

Along the journey, hundreds of hours of video was logged and thousands
of photos taken to share the experience and create the Live Monumental
film. Today, KEEN announces the global premiere of their documentary
film on Earth Day, Friday April 22, at the Cowell Theater in San
Francisco. The 18-minute
showcases the KEEN team’s epic journey from Portland, OR. to
Washington, D.C., as they sought to raise awareness for the preservation
of 3 million acres of public lands. The Live Monumental film will be a
featured film in this year’s Wild
& Scenic Film Festival
– which celebrates the natural world
through environmental and adventure films.

“It’s about encouraging folks to remember the conservation ethic that
Theodore Roosevelt established in the early 1900s when he said: “It is
not what we have that will make us a great nation; it is the way in
which we use it.” This film and the Live Monumental movement is a
rallying cry to encourage all of us to live in favor of the future,”
said Kirsten Blackburn, Marketing Manager, KEEN Effect.


From breathtaking vistas of our country’s dramatic and awe-inspiring
landscapes to the trials and tribulations of driving a yellow, 1976 GMC
RV cross-country to engaging local support and Congressional leadership
on Capitol Hill, the film captures the true spirit of Teddy Roosevelt
and drives home the timely importance of protecting our country’s public
lands for future generations. At the premiere in San Francisco, the
yellow RV will be on hand, the yellow carpet will be rolled out, and the
public can get a firsthand experience of what the road trip, and the
movement, entail.

Following the premiere, and in partnership with Wild & Scenic Film
Festival, the yellow RV will embark on its second cross-country trip in
the form of a 10-stop KEEN Live Monumental film tour to continue to
raise awareness about the importance of public lands preservation. The
tour will stop in: Palo Alto, CA., Las Vegas, NV., Boise, ID., Portland,
OR., Washington, D.C., Lewisburg, WV., New York City, N.Y., Asheville,
N.C., Johnson City, TN., and Nashville, TN.

The film will also continue on with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival
through January 2017. Following the 10-stop tour, KEEN’s Live Monumental
film will be landing on more than 75 college campuses across the country
from Sept-Oct. as part of the Outdoor
“Campus Challenge” to educate students about the
environment, recreation, and outdoors.

“KEEN’s Live Monumental movement is the perfect, real life example of
Wild & Scenic’s mission in action: to celebrate the natural environment
by instilling a sense of wonder and use film to inspire activism. We
couldn’t be more excited to host the film’s world premiere, and to then
take it on the road for 10 more stops, activating communities across the
country,” said Melinda Booth, Wild & Scenic Film Festival Director.

Since the start of the Live Monumental campaign, two of the five target
areas that KEEN has focused on advocating for national monument
designation have been protected: Boulder White-Clouds in Idaho was
designated Wilderness in August 2015, and Mojave Trails in southern
California was one of three new national monuments signed into law by
President Obama in February to create the second largest protected
desert in the world. The remaining three areas KEEN aims to help protect
include: Owyhee Canyonlands, OR, Birthplace of Rivers, WV., and Gold
Butte, NV.

“Our history of national public lands conservation has given us places
where dark skies, pristine rivers, wild nature, and our ancient history
thrives,” said Kirk Richardson, Senior Director, KEEN Effect. “Yet some
of these public lands stand unprotected, encroached upon by development
and extractive industries that threaten our legacy. This tour was
created to remind folks that they are not alone. There is a large
segment of people that care passionately about protecting these special

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