KidGuard Introduces Intuitive Cell Phone Monitoring Software: A Perfect Security Companion to Protect Children from Digital Threats

— Initiates KidGuard for Nonprofits Program–

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– today announced the introduction of a new cell phone
monitoring software developed for parents who want to track their
children’s digital activities and keep them safe from online threats.
The sole mission of the KidGuard team is to protect children online by
bringing awareness and inspiring solutions to key issues, such as cyber
bullying and sexual predators.

KidGuard’s simple and intuitive interface gives parents the ability to
monitor all online interactions, including:

  • Text Messages: Monitor sent, received and deleted text messages.
  • Location: Know exactly where the child is at any moment in time or
    where they have been in the past.
  • Calls: Have access to call logs for both incoming and outgoing calls
    as well as view other information such as contact name, number, date
    and duration of calls.
  • Photos: See photos that your child has sent or received.
  • Social Media: Track communication in accounts that include Facebook,
    WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, Kik, WeChat and Line.
  • View Apps: Check which apps are installed.
  • Browser History: View your child’s browser history and prevent them
    from visiting dangerous sites.
  • Contacts: See who your child has saved as a contact.

KidGuard is easy to install and use. Support for the app is available
24/7. When using this technology, it is also essential that parents
communicate with their children about the risks and rewards of cell
phone interactions.

“While privacy concerns continue to be a hot topic, a child’s safety
must come first,” said Lawrence Ng, founder of KidGuard. “As the age of
children who use mobile phones decreases–average age is now 10
years–parents need tools to cope with the multiple challenges of a
digital world on their children. Negative peer pressure, cyber bullying
and sexual predators are real concerns that parents worry about every
day. By using KidGuard, parents can become a proactive part of their
children’s life and intervene when appropriate. Cyber bullying is a good
example. Statistics are staggering. More than 40% of teenagers with tech
access report being cyber bullied over the past year.”

Text messaging is another ongoing threat. Children can be exposed to
cyber bullies, sexting, viewing inappropriate pictures and video, and
talking to strangers pretending to be other teens. With KidGuard, all
the material they are viewing is readily available to parents, enabling
them to make decisions regarding the safety of specific online
conversations and intervene, if necessary.

KidGuard recently initiated KidGuard for Nonprofits, a series of
programs to support nonprofits in defending children from digital risks
such as cyber bullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood

For the remainder of 2016, KidGuard for Nonprofits is awarding
$1,000 grants to up to 20 nonprofits, and a $5,000 grant to one
non-profit its panel believes created the most impact in the community,
either by helping parents deal with digital risks involving their
children or helping children directly.

All 501(c) nonprofits are eligible to apply. Grant submission deadline
is: December 26th 2016.

More information is available here:


KidGuard is a new cell phone monitoring software that gives parents the
ability to access their child’s text messages, digital interactions, as
well as know their child’s phone location. These capabilities equip
parents with the right tools to protect their children from cyber
bullying, sexual predators and other threats to their well-being.
KidGuard, founded by Lawrence Ng, a successful serial entrepreneur with
deep technology experience, is a portfolio company of OnRamp Fund, a
global incubator that invests in startups.

For more information, contact us at 888.481.0881 or go to:


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