Klick Hired to Rebrand Santa in Satirical New Holiday Video

Hilarious mockumentary described as ‘The Office meets Mad
Men for the Holidays’;

Agency to donate $1 for every YouTube view to WE Charity to help lift
communities out of poverty

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s been over a century since Santa Claus’ jolly-red brand was born –
and he’s feeling irrelevant in today’s tech-savvy and socially
connected, modern world. So when Santa threatens to cancel Christmas,
the entire Klick team kicks into high gear to reinvent one of the
world’s most iconic brands and save the holidays.

That’s the story behind Klick
Gives Santa an Epic Rebrand!
– an entertaining and off-the-wall,
behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a corporate rebrand. The video
was released today on http://www.klick.com/holiday.

“As brand marketers, we love the challenge of developing new brands and
reinventing iconic ones, like Santa’s,” said Klick Co-Founder and CEO Leerom
. “Having the opportunity to showcase our wicked-smart team and
incredible culture, and create a hilarious holiday memento for our
friends, clients, and colleagues is icing on the ginger-cake.”

The satirical documentary-style video can be described as ‘The Office
meets Mad Men Holiday Special.’ It stars hundreds of Klick
employees and was shot on location at the agency’s 90,000-square-foot
head office with a fast-paced, single-shot camera style, a series of
amusing absurdities, and deadpan cutaway employee interviews – all very
much in keeping with the irreverent multi-Emmy-award-winning TV comedy.

In the video, after Klick’s research team explores key insights around
the boardroom table and identifies children as a key demographic, market
research is conducted on a four-year-old boy wearing an
electroencephalogram (EEG).

The agency’s digital innovation hub, Klick Labs, lends its scientific
support to the rebrand by creating a Virtual Reality Santa Sleigh
experience in 3D. Later, a team of Lab clinicians gear up to operate on
the Easter Bunny – or in their words “tear into this bunny and see what
makes him tick” – much to the chagrin of Klick’s resident, humanoid

From Hipster Santa to Yentl Santa – Ho ho hoy vey!
on a lower floor of the building, an overzealous Creative Director
pitches his team on a number of thematic concepts, such as Hipster
, Yoga Santa, Zombie Santa, Lil BUB Santa, 8-bit
, Star Wars Santa, Mr. T. Santa, and Yentl
, shouting out “Ho, ho, hoy vey!”

And in another creative brainstorm, someone suggests giving jolly ol’
St. Nick a healthier image, remodeling him after television host Ben
Mulroney. The impeccably coiffed Mulroney instantly appears wearing a
custom-tailored red tuxedo and long, white aviator scarf. The camera
zooms out to reveal Mulroney holding a fluffy Micro Teacup Pomeranian
dog – their hair and fur fabulously blowing in slow motion.

Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of the WE Movement, also make a
special appearance at the end of the four-minute video, congratulating
Klick on its rebrand success. “You really took it from Me to We,” the
brothers chime in, smiling. A long-time supporter of WE Charity’s Free
The Children program, Klick will donate $1 per view of the holiday video
(up to $5,000) to help communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America
lift themselves out of poverty.

Klick’s holiday videos have become hallmarks for the company. Known for
its award-winning culture, its annual holiday videos have gone viral and
been featured on CBS News, CNN, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight
and various media outlets around the world. Klick’s 2016 holiday video
can be viewed at http://www.klick.com/holiday.

Creating Santa’s iconic brand is often attributed to Coca-Cola, which
commissioned illustrator Haddon Sundblom in 1931 to humanize
with a warm and wholesome look for its ads, however
soda maker White Rock Water first ran a Santa
in the San Francisco Examiner in December 1915. Artist
Norman Rockwell also illustrated Santa on many front
of The Saturday Evening Post in the 1920s through

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