Korea TL Plastic Surgery Natural & Dramatic: Most Popular Facial Contouring Surgeries at a Glance

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Facial contouring or facial sculpting is a way in which you can change
the contours of the face as well as making parts of your face smaller or
larger and creating emphasis on the areas you want to show off the most,
in the most effective, permanent, and sufficient way.

Cheekbone Reduction

Protruding cheekbones can create the illusion of making your face appear
larger than it actually is, by creating unnecessary angles on the side
facial outline. Pronounced cheeks in the front are considered “apple” or
“heart-shaped” cheeks which are considered ideal for more youthful
appearance, but over-developed side & 45 Degree angle zygoma will create
harsh & coarse image for you.

TL Tightening 3D Zygoma Reduction uses trapezoid osteotomy and dual
rotation method to reduce the zygomaticarch and upward adhesive fixation
to increase skin elasticity. Plumpness around the zygoma area, sagging
prevention via skin lifting & elasticity restoration, and fast recovery
due to minimal detachment & minimized swelling & bruising.

Jaw Reduction

Squarish jaw is probably the least desirable feature for both men and
women despite races. Westerners sometimes love a bit of mandibular
angle, but excessively large angle is imbalanced with rest of the facial
features to create the “mean” look.

TL Bodylong Curved Jaw Reduction is specially designed for the reduction
of overly developed jaw reduction for the smallest face. Ideal
framework, skin elasticity, fat layer width, and muscle content are
considered for the most satisfactory result. Jaw is reduced in a single
line from below the ear until the chin point, making the face slimmer
eliminating the possibility of secondary angle formation.

Chin Reduction

Patients with normal dental bite with a long or protruded chin can be
treated to have a slimmer chin and more balanced horizontal-vertical
proportion. Highest satisfaction guaranteed via most advanced surgical
techniques and safety protocol.

TL Modified T-osteotomy utilizes minimal resection without muscle
detachment on the middle portion of the bone to create elastic V-line
without possible sagging. Factors are eliminated which previously caused
sagging with non-muscle detachment and no additional resection is
performed for reduced pain and swelling.


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