L’ATTITUDE Convenes National Luminaries to Chart America’s Economic Restart and Shine Spotlight on New Mainstream Economy

Leading CEOs, National Media, A-List Celebrities and Elected Officials Join Forum to capitalize on Latino Growth in the U.S.

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading CEOs, national media, A-List celebrities, and elected officials will participate in L’ATTITUDE, a national forum to be live-cast to every American interested in capitalizing on U.S. Latino growth, because these leaders understand the U.S. Latino cohort is essential to a full rebound of America’s economy. Registration is now open with sessions set to stream live from studios in New York, Washington D.C., San Diego, and Miami between September 24 and 27.

According to a study released in 2019 by the Latino Donor Collaborative, U.S. Latino GDP, at the end of 2017, topped $2.3 trillion, which if it were a stand-alone country, would make it the world’s eighth largest economy. Comparing compound annual growth rates, Latino real consumption grew 72 percent faster than non-Latino in that time period, and share of U.S. Latino households with income between $150,000 to $199,999, nearly three times the average American household income, far outpaced the general market. Furthermore, U.S. Latino small business owners have accounted for over 80 percent of the net new businesses started in our country in the last decade. This demographic has seen strong increases in educational attainment, the highest labor force participation, and robust population increase that now represents nearly one in five Americans, and still growing.

“In the wake of this global pandemic, which has destroyed industries and crippled our job market, it’s never been more critical to unlock exponential growth,” said Sol Trujillo, co-founder of L’ATTITUDE. “History and data indicate the U.S. economy cannot fully rebound without U.S. Latinos continuing their economic leadership role, and the U.S. Latino market, as part of the New Mainstream Economy that led our country’s recovery from the Great Recession, continues to illustrate how this cohort is driving economic prosperity today, and will for decades.”

U.S. Latinos are the most prolific entrepreneurs in the country, and restarting America’s small businesses will be one of the key topics at L’ATTITUDE. Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle who spearheaded government programs such as PPP, will engage in identifying the best way forward for continuing to support small businesses, and especially U.S. Latino-owned small businesses, many of which were left out of support programs to date.

“With such high awareness of racism in America, it is important to be aware of the more subtle ways it plays out for U.S. Latinos,” added Trujillo. “Not only did Latino small business owners not get equal access to government pandemic support programs, Latinos have for decades found it difficult, if not impossible, to access credit, but in spite of that they have still been able to create over 80% of the net new businesses in the past decade.”

The L’ATTITUDE agenda will include a critical discussion about making capitalism work for the many as opposed to the few. Leaders of the largest financial institutions will discuss transitioning from a 20th century capitalist system that has resulted in 79 percent of the nation’s wealth being concentrated in just five percent of the population, to a 21st century system where capital is deployed more broadly to where growth is now occurring. This session will introduce the concept of distributed capitalism where capital is also applied to education, infrastructure and beyond.

The event will include twenty-four sessions, each featuring live participants gathered together on expansive stages, from a safe social distance, and live-cast to a virtual audience. In partnership with top-tier media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX Business and the Wall Street Journal, L’ATTITUDE is a ground-breaking initiative creating a national townhall of sorts and engaging the nation’s best and brightest in identifying the strategies for getting America’s economy growing once again.

Included among the diverse sessions are:

  • A CEO roundtable discussion of the New Mainstream Economy
  • Leading CMOs defining marketing success in the 21st Century
  • Conversation with investors regarding who the customers are of the companies in which they’re investing
  • Leading policy makers seeking growth for the next decade by solving immigration reform
  • Consideration by housing leaders of how America’s housing market is being built on a new foundation
  • A dedicated entertainment track featuring emerging Latino stars and casts of major movies and TV shows set to premier in the Fall

“History and data indicate the U.S. economy cannot fully rebound without U.S. Latinos continuing their economic leadership role,” said Gary Acosta, L’ATTITUDE co-founder and NAHREP CEO. “This event ignites a much-needed dialogue about the massive contributions U.S. Latinos are already making to our economy, and our collective efforts to fuel the rapid restart and robust rebound our economy so direly needs.”

Registered L’ATTITUDE attendees will have an opportunity to engage with individual presenters, panelists, and fireside chat participants. Special chat rooms with media and entertainment stars are planned as well as live entertainment featuring international award-winning Latino performers.

“The agenda for this year’s L’ATTITUDE is more critical than ever, and is why I decided to join Sol and Gary in bringing these powerful leaders to engage in conversations that catalyze our economy’s growth,” added Emilio Estefan, L’ATTITUDE partner. “We need everyone involved and participating as we drive our country’s growth agenda, and valuing and leveraging the U.S. Latino is core to our country’s success.”

Entering its third year, L’ATTITUDE formally partnered this year with multi-Platinum GRAMMY-winner Emilio Estefan, who is now a partner in the event alongside globally-renowned business executive Sol Trujillo, and Gary Acosta, the CEO of NAHREP.

To learn more and register for the event, visit www.lattitude.net.


The brainchild of international business executive Sol Trujillo and NAHREP Co-Founder & CEO Gary Acosta, L’ATTITUDE hosts a world-class slate of CEOs, celebrities, economists, educators, entrepreneurs, journalists, politicians and industry influencers at its annual conference. Participants engage in open dialogue about the latest facts and data regarding America’s Latino Factor and the New Mainstream Economy. As the name implies, L’ATTITUDE is about staying on course to a growing and sustainable economic future for America. U.S. Latinos, our country’s youngest cohort, represent nearly 1 in 5 Americans, and account for over $2.3 trillion in GDP, making it the 8th largest economy in the world if it were a stand-alone country. L’ATTITUDE features presentations, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and entertainment featuring leading celebrities.


Lauren Cortiñas