LEGO® Education Advances Social and Emotional Development in Preschoolers with New Tool

LEGO Education Build Me “Emotions” helps preschool students learn to
recognize and understand emotions, develop social skills and explore
physical characteristics using LEGO

News Highlights:

  • LEGO
    Education Build Me “Emotions”
    is a hands-on educational tool for
    preschool classrooms to help develop social emotional learning and
    skills in children ages 3-5.
  • The Build Me “Emotions” set includes 188 classic LEGO®
    shapes and colors and eight double-sided
    building cards. In addition, the solution includes inspirational
    teaching ideas with activity cards and online activity videos to
    provide teachers with ways to incorporate Build Me “Emotions” into
    lesson plans.
  • The new set allows students to build characters with unique features,
    teaching preschoolers to explore similarities and differences,
    understand their own and others feelings, while also practicing
    creative problem solving.

Annual Conference and Expo
, LEGO® Education announced
Build Me “Emotions”, a tool for preschoolers aimed at teaching students
to recognize and understand emotions, develop social skills and explore
physical characteristics. Social and emotional learning is one of the
most important predictors of future success, as understanding emotions
and social skills translates into not only kindergarten preparedness,
but also a students’ readiness for their entire educational and
professional career. This classroom resource teaches preschoolers to
recognize and understand both their own and others’ emotions using
different patterns, colors, and emotional characteristics captured in
LEGO bricks, such as happy, sad or silly. This serves as a foundation
for additional social skills, including teamwork and collaboration that
are essential for kindergarten-readiness.

“Social emotion learning is critical for early childhood development. In
many cases, a student’s first introduction to learning the basics of
sense of self, collaboration and an understanding of their own feelings
occurs within their preschool classroom,” said Lisbeth Hattens, Senior
Educational Content Developer, LEGO Education. “Build Me “Emotions”
provides an engaging, hands-on set that is easy for teachers to
implement and a fun way to teach children these crucial skills that will
provide a strong foundation for other essential social skills.”

Preschoolers explore emotional characteristics by constructing
themselves or building a group of family or friends and then describing
the emotion, the LEGO® brick expresses, resulting in answers
such as “he’s angry because he wants to play a game” or “It’s a silly
face. His tongue is sticking out and his eyes are funny.” As the sets
are large, collaboration on tasks is highly encouraged to teach
preschoolers the effectiveness of teamwork to build on their social
skills. With the option to build arms, legs, pants, shirts, and even
hats, students explore similarities and differences among themselves
using the LEGO® bricks through facial expressions, clothing,
and features, enhancing their social emotional learning. This task also
helps preschoolers with creative problem solving, allowing students to
decipher emotional characteristics and determine which feeling is best
suited for that particular character. Learning social skills and problem
solving at this young age help ensure students are prepared for
kindergarten and beyond.

Build Me “Emotions” also come with an activity card and online activity
video to help teachers with lesson ideas that incorporate the set. A
classroom set is available for $69.95USD, is available for pre-sale, and
will ship in January 2016.

This week at NAEYC, a Build Me “Emotions” model will be by Exhibit Hall
WA4 entrance and Build Me masks will be available to all attendees. Stop
by to take a picture with the Build Me model in your mask to be entered
to win a Build Me Set for your classroom! In addition, LEGO Education
will be displaying the product at their booth, #330.

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