LMC Announces New Diabetes & Endocrinology Specialist Clinic near MUHC Glen Site

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#diabetes–LMC, North America’s largest specialist care provider in diabetes and
endocrinology, announced today that it will be opening its newest clinic
in March 2017 to better serve the Montreal population. The new LMC
Montreal Glen
clinic is the result of a partnership between LMC and
a team of world-renowned Endocrinologists from McGill University Health
Centre (MUHC). Endocrinologists are specialists who treat patients with
conditions that result from hormone imbalances, including diabetes;
thyroid, lipid, and menstrual disorders; polycystic ovarian syndrome
(PCOS); osteoporosis and male hypogonadism. While the MUHC
Endocrinologists will continue to see patients at the MUHC Glen site,
the new clinic will provide additional space and increase access to
patients in Montreal who are in need of high quality, specialist care in
diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. All services will be completely
free to patients and covered within RAMQ. The new clinic will be located
at 5325 Crowley Avenue, steps away from the MUHC Glen site.

“We are excited to work with LMC to launch this much-needed outpatient
clinic,” says Dr. Jean-François Yale, Endocrinologist and Interim
Director, Division of Endocrinology, MUHC. “The clinic will provide us
with the additional support and resources we need to shorten wait times
for patients and improve access for all those seeking specialist care in
diabetes and endocrinology.”

The clinic will also serve as a “one-stop shop” for patients with
diabetes by providing all the services they need under one roof. The
clinic will provide free diabetes counselling with Certified Diabetes
Educators, medication reviews with clinical pharmacists, foot exams with
podiatrists and comprehensive eye exams.

“Our goal at LMC is to provide patients with world-class specialist care
that is comprehensive, coordinated and convenient,” says Mark Angelo,
CEO of LMC. “Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists and allied
health providers work together to proactively manage patients, prevent
complications and help individuals control their diabetes so that it
doesn’t control them.”

The clinic is scheduled to open Tuesday, March 21 and will operate five
days a week. Patients interested in booking an appointment should ask
their referring physician to contact LMC by phone at (438) 802-4536, via
email at referrals@lmc.ca or
online at www.lmc.ca/referrals

About LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology
LMC is North
America’s largest specialist care provider in diabetes and
endocrinology, caring for over 56,000 patients across Canada. LMC also
provides Canada’s largest nationally accredited Diabetes Education
Program. LMC researchers have conducted or contributed to over 600
clinical research studies in the field of diabetes. For more information
visit https://www.lmc.ca

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