LOS ANGELES magazine Dedicates Entire October Issue to IMMIGRATION

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In October, for the first time in its history, Los Angeles magazine
devotes an entire issue, from the masthead to the dining guide to the
feature well, to a single topic: Immigration. Why do this now?

  • Because L.A. has more immigrants than any other city in America.
  • Because immigration makes our city – and our nation – what it is.
  • Because with the upcoming Presidential election, people’s feelings
    about immigration, perhaps more than any other topic, will be key to
    deciding who will occupy the Oval Office in January 2017.

Los Angeles editor-in-chief, Mary Melton, tells readers in
her opening column:

“In this issue, we discuss what the city would be like without the
contribution of immigrants. We also outline the immigrant experience
from start to finish, from how to become an American citizen (it’s
complicated) to what it’s like to be deported. In between, we offer
insights into the effect immigrants have had on California’s politics
and economy; we ask JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS, a journalist born in the
Philippines who has encouraged undocumented immigrants like himself to
go public about their status, to edit a section; we invite novelists
(born in Mexico) and VIET THANH NGUYEN (born in Vietnam, and this
year’s recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) to show us Los
Angeles through their eyes; we explore the city’s great ethnic enclaves;
we send contributing writer JESSE KATZ to work at Grand Central
Market and delve into the layers of immigration and gentrification that
have transformed the belly of downtown; we talk to a young Latino
supporter of Trump; we turn our monthly Dining Out section into a guide
to L.A.’s best global cuisines, from taquerías to trattorias; and we tie
the entire issue together with the work of a single photographer, DAMON
, a fourth-generation Angeleno of Mexican descent (and former Los
magazine intern), who spent the better part of a month
documenting subjects from the San Gabriel Valley and Venice Beach to
Koreatown and the border.”

The big story here is that the magazine’s editors reworked the entire
170-page issue to see every section anew through the lens of
immigration. Where to eat and shop, what to do this month, and how to
master one of the most complex and divisive topics of our time – all
that can be found in Los Angeles magazine’s October issue. It’s
timely, relevant, significant, and on newsstands now.

And as a companion to the issue, Los Angeles magazine has
teamed with the newly re-launched #EmergingUS to create a video called,
“What Would L.A. Be Like Without Immigrants?” Take a look: https://www.facebook.com/LosAngelesmag/videos/10154373922471014/

For more information, please call or email Karen Lewis.

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