Lubby Dubby Doll: Baby Doll with Mother’s Own Heartbeat

DIAMOND BAR, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#babyshower–BEBE & BEBE, Inc. has just launched its latest product – Lubby
Dubby Doll
: A doll that extends a baby’s sleep by emulating the
mother’s actual heartbeat. With its unique Stethoscope recording device,
the Lubby Dubby Doll is able to record a mother’s actual heartbeat.
Everyone’s heartbeat is as unique as a fingerprint, and a pre-recorded
stranger’s heartbeat can never replace the baby’s mother’s own heartbeat.

With its patent-pending heartbeat recording device, Lubby Dubby Doll is
able to perfectly emulate the environment that the babies had in their
mothers’ womb. By replicating the mother’s heartbeat, the Lubby Dubby
Doll soothes babies and significantly extends their sleep.

Our focus group testing resulted in babies falling asleep 26.6% faster,
taking a 43.4% longer nap, and a 49.1% longer night’s sleep.

“The effect of the Lubby Dubby Doll was so evident that some of the
members in our focus group testing were very hesitant in returning the
prototype and wanted to buy our prototype,”
said Cha Nam Ko,
Founder, BEBE & BEBE.

Tokki (which translates as “bunny” in Korean) is the first doll
introduced in the Lubby Dubby Doll line up.


  • SoundBox

    • Unique Stethoscope Recording – Allows recording of a
      mother’s actual heartbeat
    • Sound Stitching Algorithm – Allows continuous loop of
    • White Noise Inclusion – Recreates environment in
      mother’s womb
  • 92 Hours of Playback Time
  • 100% GOTS
    Approved Organic Cotton
    – GMO free, 0 chemical fertilizer use
  • 0 Glue Finish – Perfectly safe for babies to chew and bite on
  • Naturally Colored Cotton – 0 dye usage, cotton seed bred to
    produce color


Tokki Available for pre-order from today, shipping
starts Dec. 13th. Early bird launch price starts from $79, and will
retail for $149.

About BEBE

Founded in 2016, BEBE & BEBE, Inc. was officially born after over a year
of successful R&D by a team of diverse backgrounds, including engineers,
lawyers, and experienced entrepreneurs. With their diverse experience
and passion for babies, BEBE & BEBE has successfully launched its first
brand, Lubby Dubby Dolls, which have been engineered to provide most the
comfortable sleep for babies by replicating the actual mother’s
heartbeat and thus recreating an inside-the-womb environment. While
other products in the market have tried to use pre-recorded heartbeats
in the past, only BEBE & BEBE has the technology to accurately capture
the actual mother’s heartbeat.


For BEBE & BEBE, Inc.
Daniel Kim