Macrogen Launches Gene Identification Service iD4U in the Global Market

– A full-scale genetic analysis service for general consumers

Improved reliability of final results based on international standard
analysis techniques

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DNA–The precision medicine biotech company Macrogen (CEO Hyonyong Chong,
(KOSDAQ:038290) announced today that it is launching the gene
identification service iD4U worldwide, through which it will provide
various identification services.

iD4U, an abbreviation of “identification for you,” provides various gene
identification services based on individuals’ genetic information,
including kinship testing, personal identification testing and genetic
testing in human remains. iD4U provides services developed with
international standard testing techniques and is able to produce test
information with high reliability.

iD4U is now available at the official website
Customers can easily view the test results online. When a customer files
an application for a test on the iD4U website, Macrogen sends a service
kit to the customer. The customer in turn sends back the service kit
with buccal epithelial cells, blood, hairs, bone fractions and other
samples, a procedure that completes the application process. Test
results will then be available at the iD4U website within three days
from the arrival of the service kit at Macrogen.

Kinship testing is a service not only for parent-offspring
identification, but also for genetic paternity or genetic maternity
identification. In the past, this service was mostly used for such blood
relationship identification during legal parent suits. Recently,
however, the service has been used to provide evidence in acquiring
citizenship in such cases as family immigration into a foreign country.

Personal identification testing is the surest method of identifying an
individual, and is called DNA profiling or DNA fingerprinting. This
testing was originally used mostly for criminal investigations; however,
it has recently been encouraged to conduct preliminary analyses to
prevent the disappearance of infants, adolescents, and senior citizens
who do not have official identification, and also to ensure
identification of those in hazardous occupations in case of calamities.

Genetic testing on human remains is a service in which the genetic
information obtained from the remains is compared and analyzed to see if
it matches that of parents and siblings to establish any blood
relationship. This service can be used to identify martyrs and
unidentified graveyards.

Macrogen also launched Human ID, a personal identification test
designed for global researchers, in April 2015. The service has now been
expanded to cover not just Korea but Central and South American
countries, including Argentina.

CEO Hyon-yong Chong said, “Macrogen has provided genetic and genomic
analysis services for biotech researchers and customers for clinical
trials worldwide for the past twenty years. Based on such experience,
Macrogen has built world-class technology and service know-how.” He
added, “With the launch of iD4U, a gene identification service that can
satisfy various demands of general consumers, Macrogen will continue to
introduce various services that utilize genetic information in daily
lives to the market.”

Last year, Macrogen
released faest™, a next-generation prenatal genomic testing service,
which has contributed to expanding its customer base to include not just
the market of existing researchers but that of clinical trials and
general customers.


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