Magellan Health Employees Highlight Positive Impact of Peer Support Initiatives

Videos focus on personal journeys and work at Magellan helping

Health, Inc.
(NASDAQ: MGLN) today released six
featuring employees who work in peer and family support
roles, helping to guide individuals toward recovery. The videos, which
speak to the employees’ personal journeys with substance abuse and/or
mental health challenges, also explain the employees’ roles at Magellan
and the impact they have on the lives of the individuals they serve. The
use of peer and family supporters – individuals with mental health,
substance use or co-occurring challenges who are living well in their
recovery and are trained to help others with similar challenges – is
recognized as an evidence-based practice and a key component of
recovery-focused programs. These individuals are able to relate with
their peers and family members through shared experiences in a uniquely
personal way.

“Magellan was one of the first companies to recognize the critical role
of peer and family support in the recovery process, and we continue to
consider peer and family support to be an invaluable service to our
members,” said Tom Lane, senior director of consumer and recovery
services. “We employ individuals who have experience with substance
abuse and mental health challenges both directly and indirectly, and
actively include these individuals as part of the recovery process. And
we continue to explore new ways to effectively expand peer and family
support choices for individuals nationwide.”

, a peer support navigator based in Virginia, said that she
appreciates feeling included at Magellan. “I work with a team of social
workers, nurses and a psychiatrist – I just feel really included as an
equal,” said Hunt. “I think the fact that we provide peer support on the
ground to our members shows them that we care about more than just money
and numbers; we actually care about their wellness and recovery.”

, director of child and family resiliency services (not related
to Elyse Hunt), specializes in guiding Magellan’s work with families in
ways that make recovery possible. “As the parent of children who have
experienced behavioral health issues, I can honestly say they have
taught me everything of value that I know in life,” said Hunt. “At
Magellan we’ve developed a children’s model, which serves as a
foundation of our work. This model is really about embracing parents and
parental support as an integral part of every aspect of care.”

“Magellan has highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable people doing
peer support. Their work is unique and powerful,” said Lane, who is also featured
in the videos. “Magellan is an industry leader in bringing the value of
peers to programs through initiatives designed to improve member
engagement, increase access to care and realize improved personal health

are housed in Magellan’s
E-Learning Center
, along with other professional learning
opportunities and resources about peer support, whole health and

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