Maiden + Liberty Presents First Ever French-American Wine Blends

Innovative wines combine NY, Languedoc grown grapes

MATTITUCK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FrenchAmericanMaiden
+ Liberty
, a family-run winery headquartered on the North Shore of
Long Island, announced its very first French-American Blends for sale.

“The red
is a powerful blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from Long
Island with a Syrah and Grenache from the South of France,” explained
James Medwick, Founder and Master Blender. “Combining the style of a
Napa or Bordeaux with the flavors of a Rhone Valley wine, we created a
round, fruity flavor with strong backbone and pleasant tannins.” The white
is a mix of Chardonnay and Viognier from Long Island with Vermentino and
Macabeu from the South of France. Medwick described the white wine as
“starting with a beautiful nose of white peach and honeysuckle, tasting
of lemon and grapefruit, and having an incredibly full body that lingers
in the mouth.”

“The goal is to source grapes from the place best suited to them,” says
Mr. Medwick. “Some varietals thrive in the cooler maritime climate of
the North Shore of Long Island while others are more at home in the
hotter, drier Mediterranean climate of the South of France. We want
grapes that show a sense of place, what the French call ‘terroir’, and
we do everything to respect that sense of place when blending. Each
grape adds something unique to the overall blend, and the goal is always
to combine in a way that preserves the character of the individual
parts. They must complement, not mask, each other.”

Maiden + Liberty’s wines are the culmination of their passion for
winemaking developed over years. Medwick, a Long Islander, and his wife,
Alexandra, born and raised in France, wondered if the wines from each of
their homelands could complement each other. “Through family and friends
we had access to some of the best winemakers in each region,” said
Medwick. “By experimenting we found we could make wines greater than the
sum of their parts!”

Greater indeed. With the launch of these French-American wines, together
with their previous production of a 2014 Cabernet-Franc
and a Chardonnay
blended from wines of the North Fork of Long Island, Maiden + Liberty is
now looking to expand its distribution. Also in planning, wines from the
South of France, previously unavailable in markets in the states, may
soon be distributed by Maiden + Liberty.


A family-run winery headquartered on the North Shore of Long Island, we
produce wines blended from the South of France and the North Fork of
Long Island creating original and unexpected tastes to thrill and
delight wine lovers everywhere.

For more information about Maiden + Liberty, please visit
or email or call James Medwick at
or 516.204.7629. Maiden + Liberty also operates an online store and a Facebook
. @maidenandliberty #maidenandliberty


Maiden + Liberty
James Medwick, 516-204-7629
Founder and
Master Blender