Major Miitomo Update Brings New Features and New Ways to Interact with Friends

Send Private Messages, Customize Rooms and Share in More Ways than
Ever Before

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When Nintendo’s first smart-device app, Miitomo,
launched in March, it heralded a new era for Nintendo, setting the stage
for future mobile games like the upcoming Super
Mario Run
. Miitomo is now getting a major update starting
today that adds even more ways for players to express themselves and
communicate with friends. After downloading the free update, users can
immediately enhance their social adventures by sending private messages
to any of their friends who also have the Miitomo app,
customizing their in-game Mii character’s room with things like posters
and Nintendo-themed wallpaper, and sharing their answers and outfits
with even more Miitomo users.

“With its focus on fun and social interactions, Miitomo was the
ideal app to signal Nintendo’s entry into the smart-device space,” said
Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and
Marketing. “This free update gives users even more ways to have fun with
their friends.”

Here is a taste of some of the cool new things users can do after
downloading the free Miitomo update:

  • Private messages: After downloading the update, users can send
    private messages to anyone on their friends list. But these messages
    just don’t pop up in a boring old window. Users can set the expression
    of their Mii, and either a user’s main Mii character or a Sidekick Mii
    (more on that later!) will personally deliver the in-app message to
    the friend.
  • Room customization: Rooms can be decorated with custom flooring
    and wallpaper, which can both be collected for free in the in-app
    Miitomo Drop game or by completing in-app actions. Some of the
    wallpaper is even inspired by some of Nintendo’s hottest franchises
    like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.
    Rooms can also be decorated with posters adorned with Miifoto images
    or even real-life photos contained on the user’s smart device. Each
    room can hold up to eight posters. Each poster spot holds one poster
    and can be purchased individually for 99 cents from the in-game store.
  • Style Central: Dressing up in awesome outfits in Miitomo
    is a big part of the fun. With the new Style Central feature, users
    can submit up to three of their favorite custom outfits a day to share
    with other users. These other users can browse the submitted outfits
    to like them or try them on, and even purchase components without
    having to visit the in-game shop. By sharing outfits, users receive My
    Nintendo points that can be redeemed for fun Nintendo rewards. Visit
    for more information about My Nintendo.
  • Answer Central: One of the main features of Miitomo is
    answering fun questions and sharing those answers with others. The new
    Answer Central hub displays a public list of questions and answers
    that anyone can browse or comment on. This opens up the social
    interactions to a much wider base.
  • Sidekick Mii characters: Sidekick Mii characters are controlled
    by the account user, but play secondary roles to the main Mii.
    Sidekicks have their own rooms, can be dressed and can even be set to
    public or private. Up to 100 Sidekick Mii characters can be assigned
    to the main user.
  • Easier to Use: A new timeline feature allows you to see your
    friends’ latest answers without the need to speak to other Mii
    characters. You will also be able to see your friends’ customized

For more information about Miitomo, visit

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