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Market Publishers presents March hot news on a number of selected

Agricultural Products Market

The global market for seed treatment is dominated by the insecticides
segment. This segment accounts for more than 50 percent of this market.
Bio-control treatments are poised to grow at the swiftest pace in the
years to come, with their CAGR being over 10 percent. The total market
is expected at a one-digit to be worth approximately 8 billion in late
2020. Region-wise, North America is the top player, and its market share
is around 30 percent. In the meantime, the global market for transgenic
seeds is forecast to show swifter growth in the upcoming years. Worth
just under USD 18 billion in 2014, it is expected to grow by around two
times by 2020. North America is an unrivalled leader in this market
space, as well. More information on agricultural products market trends
can be found in numerous reports available in the Agricultural
Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Wealth Management Market

The wealth management sector has witnessed a series of changes over the
recent years. A number of large international players have already
experienced significant restructures in the wake of the crisis, while
others are currently undergoing them. Players have started to step back
from investment banking, and many of them are increasingly selective in
their approach to global expansion. The UK, Australia and the
Netherlands have lost their positions as outliers in the field of
commission bans. The EU, South Africa and other countries also intend to
implement partial or full bans. The UHNW segment grows at the most rapid
pace. In the USA, there were more than 5 million HNWIs in 2014, and
their total wealth was over USD 20 trillion. To learn more about the
wealth management sector performance across the globe, please, follow to
the Wealth
Management Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Biosimilars Market

The USA entered the biosimilars marketplace later than some other
countries. Such late entry prevented local patients from obtaining
benefit of biosimilars. Besides, commercialization of biosimilars has
not taken place in this country given absence of proper regulatory
framework. The local biosimilars market has not surpassed the nascent
stage yet. Some biosimilars are expected to under commercialization in
future, though newly developed biosimilars in the local marketplace will
go through difficult times since regulations are not currently in the
place. In Europe, safety and efficacy are two major concerns the
biosimilars market faces. That is why EMA requires head-to-head
comparison in order to ensure pharmacological parameters. Find more
valuable information on the biosimilars marketplace in reports from the Biosimilars
Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Networks Market

The network access control (NAC) market is set to value USD 2.65 billion
by 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 31.2%. Further, the growing ‘bring
your own device’ (BYOD) trend, without any security solution,
constitutes an enormous security threat and also enhances the workload
of system administrations to support the surging number of devices
connected to the network. The ability of NAC to address security threats
safeguards business processes and is also one of the factors driving
this market. The Asia-Pacific is the most rapidly expanding region for
the world’s NAC market, mainly due to the rising focus of the market
players to meet the demands of highly-secured network solutions across
the region. Cisco Systems, HPE, Extreme Networks, ForeScout
Technologies, Bradford Networks, and Avaya, amongst others, are the most
prominent market participants. With the fast-paced development of novel,
cutting-edge technologies, more and more new vendors are coming into the
market, specifically in the field of next-gen NAC solutions. This most
recent trend is gaining considerable momentum and is developing at a
progressive rate. The in-demand research reports on the various computer
networks markets are available in the Networks
Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Cancer Market

The number of cancer cases in the USA stood at 1,658,370 as of 2015.
With surging incidences of cancer across the country, the demand for
cancer biomarkers for improved diagnosis is gathering speed. In the USA,
an increase in alcohol consumption and rising smoking prevalence
alongside the citizens’ poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles is
raising risk of cancer amid the local population. In addition,
increasing government expenditure on cancer biomarker research, in
tandem with the surging usage of biomarkers in drug discovery &
development and clinical trials is further expected to give a boost to
the US cancer biomarker market in the forthcoming years. Globally, the
breast cancer pipeline is the largest in the pharma domain, with 1,050
products being in various stages of active development. The range of MoA
employed by these compounds is also extremely diverse, especially as
against the current market landscape. Potential drivers of the breast
cancer market comprise a huge and ever-expanding patient pool, a
well-established disease market with a range of strong unmet needs, and
the clear understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease that has
developed in the past ten years. The up-to-date reports on the different
cancer markets are available in MarketPublishers’ Cancer
Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Textile & Leather Market

The global diabetic footwear market is expected to flourish at a CAGR of
8.27% through to 2021. The global market for diabetic/therapeutic
footwear is set to be primarily driven by the surging rates of diabetes
prevalence (in 20-79 years of age group) worldwide. Besides increasing
prevalence of diabetes, a hike in expenditure on diabetes treatment
represents another key driver of the growth of the diabetic footwear
market. The worldwide expenditure on diabetes is likely to grow to USD
1,128 billion by 2021. Country-wise, China has evolved into a huge
consuming country of footwear, with annual per capita consumption in the
2.5 – 2.8 pair range. The Chinese footwear market size, which is
currently valued in billions of US dollars, is forecast to triple by
2020 from its market size as of 2010. The growth of the country’s
footwear market has been stimulated by increasing levels of disposable
income, changing lifestyles, surging consumer base, increasing brand
awareness amongst consumers and also thriving e-commerce in China. The
latest reports on the variety of textile and leather markets are
available in the Textile
& Leather Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

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