Mario Lopez, Tony Hawk, Marie Osmond, Among Celebrities to Join Video Challenge to Win $65,000 For Charities Honoring National Child Awareness Month

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NCAMchallenge–Mario Lopez, Marie Osmond, and Tony Hawk, were some of the first to
enter videos to win over $65,000 for children’s charities in the first
National Child Awareness Month (NCAM) Talent Challenge on,
established by the Festival
of Children Foundation
. Celebrities kicked off the Challenge, which
concludes on September 30, 2016; they hope to inspire their fans and the
public to support children’s charities by entering their own videos to
the Challenge.

Participants can support their favorite children’s charity by uploading
a one-minute or less video of a “talent” to
showcasing something silly, or a talent such as singing, dancing, comedy
routine, magic, impersonation, or a sports trick. In the video,
participants should state which charity he/she supports and challenge at
least two other people to respond to his/her challenge. Then, they
should promote their entries on social media, where likes and shares of
their videos earn “Buzz Points” on,
the global video platform hosting the NCAM Challenge. The children’s
charity with the most Buzz Points at the end of the Challenge will
receive $50,000 from the Festival of Children Foundation.

“Everyone is encouraged to participate in this fun, easy challenge and
give their favorite children’s charity the opportunity to win,” says
Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, founder and executive director of the Festival
of Children Foundation. Besides the top prize of $50,000, a second place
prize of $5,000 will be awarded and a third place prize of $2,500. A
Founder’s Pick of $5,000 will be awarded along with a NCAM Youth
Ambassador’s Pick of $5,000. The charity with the most “buzz” generated
by videos submitted in September will earn $5,000!

“We have commemorated National Child Awareness Month for the past 8
years by spreading awareness of children’s issues throughout the country
through our network of 450 member organizations,” noted Segerstrom
Daniels. “Through grants of over $200,000 to Youth Ambassadors from all
50 states, we have mobilized more than 14,000 youth volunteers and have
impacted more than 700,000 individuals. We anticipate that the NCAM
Talent Challenge will build strong recognition for the need to focus on
children’s issues and motivating many more people to get involved,”
according to Segerstrom Daniels who has been instrumental in getting the
U.S. Congress to designate September as National Child Awareness Month.
“Our goal is to see that National Child Awareness Month focuses the
attention of our nation on the most critical issues facing children

National Child Awareness Month is making a significant impact on many
children’s charities across America. Through Festival of Children
Foundation’s national platform, there is renewed energy and focus on
children’s issues, and action is being taken to make a difference in
those lives, one child at a time.

About National Child Awareness Month (NCAM)

For the past 8 years, Festival of Children Foundation has been
instrumental in getting September designated as National Child Awareness
Month (NCAM) by the United States Senate. NCAM is meant to raise
awareness for all children’s charities nationwide. Throughout the month
of September, all children’s charities are invited to take part in
NCAM’s mission to focus America’s attention on four guiding principles:
Nurture One Child, that’s all it takes to make a difference. Children
are the future of philanthropy. It’s our responsibility to teach them
the importance of sharing and giving back. Actions speak louder than
words. Find a children’s charity that’s important to you and get
involved. Many hands make light work. Join forces with everybody that
shares your goals and dreams.

About Festival of Children Foundation

Festival of Children Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization
that brings together and coordinates the efforts of charities, companies
and individuals who actively work to improve the lives of children.
Festival of Children Foundation gives a voice, guidance and support.
100% of the administrative costs are covered by designated funding,
allowing donations to go further in direct support of programs and
services that improve the lives of children. For more information,
please visit


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