Marley Beverage Company Goes All Natural – Launching Innovative Line of ZERO Mellow Mood Relaxation Drinks and New One Drop Coffee Flavors

Beverage Company (MBC)
a creator of innovative natural and
functional beverages established with Bob Marley’s family, is unveiling
a line of naturally-sweetened, ZERO calorie Mellow Mood Relaxation
Drinks and introducing new flavors to its One Drop premium
ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees. This is part of a larger MBC
rebranding initiative to offer an all natural portfolio of diverse
beverage options and to stay at the forefront of today’s consumer trends
pointing towards better-for-you products, including products made with
simple, unprocessed ingredients, offering low calorie options, or added

Launched in 2010, armed with a line of Mellow
sodas in just two flavors, MBC has since expanded its
beverage line into a wide variety of Mellow Mood decaffeinated teas and
now a new line of ZERO calorie, decaffeinated teas and sparkling waters. MBC
also launched One Drop, a line of premium ready-to-drink coffees, which
now comes in four delicious flavors. MBC is a brand dedicated to
fulfilling Bob
philosophy of living life naturally in the form of the
best-tasting, natural and functional beverages. “Bob Marley understood
how ingredients affect the body and mind,” explains Marketing Director,
Mindy Spire. “We’ve turned this idea into something that you can sip and
enjoy.” Here is a summary of MBC’s new line extensions:

  • ZERO Mellow Mood Relaxation Drinks
    is a line of natural, decaffeinated teas and sparkling waters. The
    brand provides a delicious and refreshing way to relax with its
    signature relaxation blend comprised of widely used herbals such as
    chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower that are known for
    calming. “Mellow Mood has always been the premier Relaxation brand in
    the emerging category. With the launch of our ZERO line, we’re
    offering consumers and retailers alike the best of both worlds: a
    delicious, better-for-you, ZERO calorie beverage option (in a tea or
    sparkling water) with a unique added functionality,” explains Spire.
    Mellow Mood relaxation tea flavors include Peach Raspberry Black Tea,
    Raspberry Tea Lemonade Low Calorie, Peach Raspberry Black
    Tea ZERO
    , Honey Green Tea, and our newest flavor, unique to MBC,
    Bartlett Pear Black Tea ZERO. The line of Mellow Mood
    Relaxation sparkling waters includes Mixed Berry, Lemon
    and Mango.
  • One Drop RTD Premium Coffees
    combine MBC’s very own bold Jamaican coffee blend with pure cane
    sugar, rBGH hormone free milk, and decadent natural flavorings. New
    flavors include Swirl and Banana Split, both of which
    are reminders of childhood indulgences at the local ice cream parlor.
    Although we might think of traditional coffee as an on-the-go
    beverage, One
    encourages consumers to stop and savor life’s sweeter
    moments. The full line of One Drop flavors include Mocha, Vanilla,
    Swirl and Banana Split.

Along with new line extensions, MBC has executed a major
rebranding initiative that includes redesigned packaging for Mellow Mood
and One Drop. The new MBC corporate medallion features an
illustration of a youthful, spirited portrait of Bob Marley interpreted
by millennial artist Miles Tsang, which conjures a sense of purity and
vigor, reflecting MBC’s natural beverage platform and Bob’s
passion for life. The medallion appears front and center across MBC
products in order to create a strong connection across the company’s
diverse beverage portfolio. Mellow Mood’s new logo includes a slight
wave-like flow representing the positive energy that generations
associate with Bob’s legacy and the beverage’s relaxation functionality.
The One Drop logo reflects Bob’s heritage and the coffee’s signature
Jamaican coffee blend flavor.

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Mindy Spire
Marley Beverage Co.
Phone: 917.622.0244