May 27th Happiness Realization Party Leader Will Give a Speech in Hiroshima on Nuclear Abolition

“Protect Japan from the Threat of Nuclear Weapons” Speech by Party
Leader Ryoko Shyaku in Hiroshima City And Demonstration March

HIROSHIMA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On May 27th, when President Obama of the United States makes his visit
to Japan, the Happiness Realization Party (hereby HRP) will give a
speech in Hiroshima City on nuclear abolition. The speech will be given
by Ryoko Shyaku, Party Leader of the HRP. The venue for the speech is in
front of Hiroshima Central Post Office (3-8-7, Oote-machi, Naka-ku,
Hiroshima City).

Also on this day when the world directs its attention to Hiroshima, a
demonstration march will be held by the HRP Hiroshima Prefecture HQ in
the center of Hiroshima. In order to prevent another Hiroshima or a
Nagasaki from happening again as a result of China’s military expansion
or North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, we believe that it is
necessary for Japan to possess nuclear arms for the purpose of
deterrence while deepening mutual understanding with the United States
based on an objective view of history. We hope that you will join us
this weekday morning.

[Date] Friday May 27th

[Gathering point] Site of Hiroshima Shoshinkan – in front of Hiroshima
Central Post Office (3-8-7, Oote-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City)

10:30 Kick-off
10:50 Demonstration March Starts
Demonstration March Scheduled to end

[Demonstration March Scheduled Route]

  1. Hiroshima Shoshinkan site (in front of Hiroshima Central Post Office)
  2. March north Hiroshima Castle Street
  3. Turn left in front of NHK Central Building
  4. Proceed straight at Shirakami-san crossing
  5. March East Heiwa-oodori
  6. Turn left at Mikawa-cho Crossing
  7. March north Chuo-doori
  8. Turn left at Haccho-bori Crossing
  9. March west Aioi-doori
  10. Pass by front of Hiroshima Peace Memorial
  11. End at middle of Aioi bridge


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title : On the HRP demo in Hiroshima 5-27