McAle’s Brewing Company Unveils Hard Sodas

Introducing Hard Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange N’ Cream and Cola

Brewing Company
, In November 2015 the leading producer of hard sodas
and Apple Ale launched an all-new line of hard crafted sodas including Root
, Ginger Ale, Orange N’ Cream
and Cola. Today McAles stake their claim on its latest
line of Crafted Hard sodas as “The Best Tasting Hard Soda of its Kind.”

McAle’s explored the world to find the best flavors and ingredients for
its old-fashioned recipes. McAle’s are confident in their claim of “Best
Tasting Hard Soda of its Kind.” All McAle’s Hard Sodas come in a 24 oz.
cans and 16 oz. cans available in a four pack, the only four-pack
offering of its kind, and have 6% alcohol by volume.

McAle’s Hard Orange N’ Cream uses natural orange citrus and real vanilla
cream for that classic sweet and tart flavor. Not only is this a one of
a kind hard soda, it is also the best tasting orange n’ cream soda
compared to anything else available in the country.

McAle’s Hard Root Beer is smooth-brewed using a cream soda base for a
creamier and richer taste. Added spice bark and vanilla bean extract
round out this complex and sweet alternative to beer.

The Hard Ginger Ale uses real ginger spice and natural lemon-lime,
creating a true ginger ale with a refreshing taste. The spicy ginger and
citrus lime come together in this drink to create a classic ginger ale
flavor with a zesty finish.

The Hard Cola uses natural kola nut, the fruit of a kola tree, to create
that classic cola bitter-sweetness with a smooth finish. The first of
its kind, McAle’s Hard Cola delivers true cola flavor and aroma.

“McAle’s Hard Crafted Sodas are unlike anything else available and we’re
proud to once again pave the way for the industry and introduce our
old-fashioned recipes to the world,” said Michael Michail, President and
CEO of McAle’s Brewing Company. “These Hard Crafted Sodas are a welcome
addition to the McAle’s Brewing Company family and further our
commitment to supply cutting edge technology, style and flavor.”

Large format cans are a staple of McAle’s branding. Typically preferred
by convenience stores, other retailers have been taking notice of the
growth in grab-and-go products and created similar convenience sections
to compete for that business. The introduction of craft beers has
changed the old value perception of large format cans with premium
single serve bottles and cans. McAle’s sees the convergence of these
trends as support of its leadership and commitment to the large single
serve can format.

McAle’s Hard Sodas are currently available across the country. For
additional information and to find a retailer, visit

About McAle’s Brewing Company

McAle’s Brewing Company is committed to providing the best tasting hard
sodas of its kind and uses only high-end premium ingredients. McAle’s
Brewing Company manufactures and distributes Hard Apple Ales and Hard
Crafted Sodas.


McAle’s Brewing Company
Patsy Daniels, 310-208-0212