NAVYA and Keolis Partner with City of Las Vegas to Launch First Driverless Public Transit Vehicle to Operate in U.S.

Public invited to ride NAVYA’s autonomous ARMA shuttle for free
this week on streets of Las Vegas’ historic Fremont East Entertainment

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new milestone in transportation was reached today as NAVYA and Keolis,
in partnership with the city of Las Vegas, launched the first completely
autonomous, fully electric shuttle ever to be deployed on a public
roadway in the United States. The shuttle is being launched in the new
Innovation District that was recently created by the city of Las Vegas
in downtown Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman and other local officials were at
today’s ceremony marking the debut of NAVYA’s ARMA vehicle on an
American public street in downtown Las Vegas’ Fremont East Entertainment
District. During the week-long pilot, the public will be invited to take
free test rides of the driverless vehicle, which carries up to a dozen
passengers and was designed for use by state and local governments and
transit agencies and operators as an efficient, clean-energy alternative
to the fossil-fuel powered vehicles of today.

The pilot was made possible through a partnership between Keolis, a
global leader in operating public transportation systems, and NAVYA,
which developed the ARMA Shuttle. The public will be able to ride on the
shuttle Jan. 11-20, as it travels along east Fremont Street between Las
Vegas Boulevard and Eighth Street, with regular street traffic.

The city of Las Vegas recently established an Innovation District in
downtown Las Vegas to create a center for testing groundbreaking
technology in the areas of alternative energy, citizen participation,
transportation and social infrastructure.

The city plans to transform the downtown urban core into a technology
incubator focused on safe, efficient, sustainable and environmentally
conscious mobility including autonomous and connected vehicles and
establishing a platform for deploying innovation.

“The city of Las Vegas is on the cutting edge of technology and
innovation, building on the strong tech foundation provided by SWITCH
and Nellis Air Force Base,” Mayor Goodman said. “The city of Las Vegas
is making major investments to improve motorist mobility and safety,
provide reliable transportation choices and showcase technology in
downtown Las Vegas, and we are thrilled Keolis is taking us a step in
that direction.”

“NAVYA is delighted to be part of the innovative, new model of urban
transportation solutions Mayor Goodman and our transportation partners
at Keolis are bringing to the city of Las Vegas. Busy areas such as the
Fremont East Entertainment District of downtown Las Vegas are the
perfect place for the ARMA as it allows people to move easily and safely
while reducing car congestion and pollution,” said NAVYA VP Henri Coron.

“This pilot marks an important milestone in bringing us closer to our
shared vision of delivering public mobility solutions that are both
connected and sustainable. We are pleased to be showcasing this exciting
new technology here in Las Vegas with our partners at the Regional
Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSN), as we work
together to deliver energy efficient, sustainable transit solutions that
will improve the quality of life for people in Nevada and around the
world,” said Clement Michel, CEO of Keolis North America, operator of
the RTC’s transit system along the Las Vegas Strip and the southern part
of the Las Vegas valley.

NAVYA began testing ARMA for service in North America at MCity, the
University of Michigan’s unique test site for connected and automated
vehicles in December 2016, showcasing the vehicle publicly in the United
States for the first time at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show this
past weekend in Las Vegas.

Since first deploying the NAVYA ARMA in France in late 2015, the
vehicles have transported more than 100,000 people and have grown to
have a fleet of 30 ARMA’s in use in seven countries around the world,
including the United States, as of today.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photos and video of the vehicle are available for
download here.


NAVYA, created in 2014, is a French company specializing the development
of innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions. NAVYA develops
driverless, automated electric vehicles that are dedicated to first and
last mile and independent of all infrastructure. In October 2015, NAVYA
launched the NAVYA ARMA, a 100% autonomous, driverless and electric
shuttle which is now operating globally on a variety of private sites
and public roads. For more information, visit

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