NCR Retail ONE Strategy Continues to Gather Momentum with New Merchandising and Supply Chain Applications

Integration with additional applications helps retailers transition
from omnichannel to a frictionless omnicommerce shopping experience

(NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction
technologies, today announced new applications available as part of NCR
Retail ONE
. In addition to integration with consumer-facing
applications, such as e-commerce, click-and-collect and 3rd
party applications, NCR Retail ONE now supports merchandising and supply
chain applications.

Launched earlier
this year
, NCR Retail ONE is an innovative commerce hub that unites
an open ecosystem of retail applications and data with an omnichannel
software platform to help provide frictionless shopping experiences for
consumers. The introductions are part of NCR’s ongoing strategy of
helping retailers transition to omnichannel shopping experiences and,
eventually, to a fuller omnicommerce experience that fully integrates
payment methods into the different shopping channels.

The new application integration works in conjunction with NCR Power+
Platform and includes applications such as:

  • Power
    – mobile, store-based order fulfilment software that
    expands the omnicommerce portfolio of solutions and enhances the
    “order online, pick up in store” or “click-and-collect” experience.
    The software helps store associates quickly fill orders directly from
    the store shelves, and it improves order accuracy.
  • Click
    and Collect
    – an e-commerce application that gives shoppers an
    engaging way to browse products, build shopping lists, and more
    advanced features for sorting, recommendations, and other useful
  • Power
    — software solution that tracks every movement of each
    SKU throughout the store to give retailers continuous, real-time
    visibility of both operational inventory and financial value across
    all store locations, including inventory en route between locations.
  • Power
    – an application that uses forecasting algorithms based on
    customer demand signals, upcoming promotions, historical demand
    patterns and calendar events to forecast the demand for every item in
    a store and place more precise orders.
  • Power
    – software that uses demand forecasting science to
    optimize warehouse replenishment, so businesses can maximize warehouse
    inventory turns while helping to prevent out-of-stocks. The solution
    also allows buyers to strategically place orders that lower inventory
    costs by maximizing available vendor funding and optimizing truckloads.

The Retail ONE Commerce Hub is server independent and platform agnostic
with standardized service-oriented architecture, allowing NCR and third
party applications to take advantage of shared services and data.

“NCR Retail ONE helps retailers create a complete shopping experience
for consumers. It achieves this by connecting disparate systems to bring
data and consumer experiences together from the point-of-sale to online
and mobile to the warehouse and supply chain operations,” said Bill
Nuti, Chairman and CEO, NCR Corporation. “Rather than optimizing
individual operations – transportation, warehousing, replenishment and
fulfillment – we are helping businesses that are struggling to integrate
legacy systems across channels and provide an evolutionary
path to omnicommerce and leverage the future potential of the Internet
of Things.”

NCR Retail ONE also allows retailers to mix and match innovative
applications from NCR, its partners and third parties that can be easily
and seamlessly deployed. Last year, NCR announced that leading retail
technology innovators, including Microsoft,
and Intel, have voiced
for the NCR Retail ONE commerce hub vision and strategy. The
open nature of the new ecosystem of applications and the omnichannel
platform allows retailers to differentiate their businesses in an
increasingly competitive retail environment using existing assets.

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