New NSTA Kids Book Introduces Young Astronomers to the Extraordinary Science Behind Eclipses

the Sun Goes Dark
, a new book from NSTA
, a division of NSTA
, will help teachers prepare their students for August 21,
2017. That’s the day when millions of North Americans will have the rare
chance to witness a total solar eclipse. The book combines a lively
narrative and beautiful illustrations with hands-on techniques for
learning about the marvels of the universe while staying close to home.

When the Sun Goes Dark tells how two curious children and their
grandparents re-create eclipses in their living room using a lamp, a
tennis ball, two Hula-Hoops, and Ping-Pong balls. Later, in the backyard
and around the house, they learn about safe ways to view a solar
eclipse. They also ponder phenomena from sunspots to phases of the Moon.

Authors Dennis Schatz and Andrew Fraknoi wrote the award-winning NSTA
Press book Solar
Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More
, and they
are experts in both astronomy and science education. Fraknoi is an
astronomy professor at Foothill College near San Francisco, and Schatz
is a senior adviser at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

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