New Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Corner Wrap Applicator Increases Throughput for Two-sided Case Labeling Requirements

New Applicator Can Replace Two Conventional Applicators While
Eliminating Mechanisms that Frequently Cause Operational Problems

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Videojet has announced its new Corner Wrap applicator for its highly
successful 9550 Print & Apply Labeling system. This applicator option
provides substantial improvements in production throughput for
applications that require labeling on two sides of the case so it can be
seen from multiple orientations.

“The 9550 Corner Wrap system prints the information on one continuous
label and in a single process applies it to the two adjacent panels of a
case, replacing two conventional applicators while ensuring that the
information on both sides of the package is synched,” said Bob Neagle,
business unit manager for Videojet. “The new applicator also follows in
the path of previous 9550 series applicators by eliminating most of the
causes of failures, adjustments and maintenance in conventional

The conventional approach to two-sided labeling uses two labelers to
apply two different labels with duplicate information. These label
printer applicator (LPA) machines use either blow applicators or
telescopic tamp applicators to apply printed labels to packs. Both of
these methods rely on the accurate and timely placement of the label
from the print engine onto an applicator pad. When this mechanical
process fails, the result is missing or wrinkled labels and sometimes
damage to equipment. For example, a mistimed tamp applicator stroke can
result in a collision with an advancing pack and can damage the

Conversely, the 9550 Corner Wrap system uses Videojet patented Direct
Apply™ labeling technology to affix the side section of a label. Next, a
single pneumatic stroke of a wipe roller wraps the label onto the back
of the case. This simple design eliminates the swing arm that is
typically used for corner wrap labeling and can often be a point of
failure. Additionally, the 9550 method reduces wear and tear, as its
applicator rolls across the back of the case as opposed to the front of
the case where the case can directly impact the applicator arm.

Manual adjustments are frequently required in conventional LPA systems,
and when these sensitive adjustments are not made correctly, the result
can include label, web and ribbon jams and mechanical failures, all of
which can result in downtime that brings the line to a halt, reducing
production throughput. The Videojet 9550 Corner Wrap system overcomes
these problems by using Videojet patented Intelligent Motion™ technology
to maintain the correct amount of tension in the media supply reel from
the first label to the last. This design eliminates the need for manual
adjustments and numerous moving parts, which have a tendency to fail and
require maintenance, while at the same time helping to eliminate jams.
The result is a reduction in downtime, which helps increase production

The trend toward increasing retailer and regulatory requirements, as
well as increasing SKU complexity, is a concern for manufacturers
seeking to safeguard their operations from costly labeling errors. In
order to help manufacturers improve quality and adhere to applicable
standards, the 9550 Corner Wrap system comes equipped with the Videojet
industry-leading CLARiTY® touch screen interface, which
includes intuitive job selection, comprehensive feedback and diagnostics
to minimize human error.

A single, integrated user interface removes the difficulties associated
with dual interfaces common on systems based on Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) print engines. As few as three user touches are
needed to select a job from an on-board job database. A step-by-step
guided entry allows correct fields to be edited and bar codes to be
created automatically by linking data from multiple text fields.
Additionally, a preview of the job selection and the final message is
available for additional confidence that the correct job is programmed.

For more information about the Videojet 9550 Corner Wrap Print & Apply
Labeler, call 1-800-843-3610 or visit

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