New Year’s Resolutions Contribute to Safe Roadways in 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The New Year is upon us, and millions of Californians are busy
establishing their 2016 resolutions. Some may be resolving to eat
healthier, exercise more or learn something new, but the California
Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is encouraging drivers to add a few more
simple resolutions to that list. Before 2016 officially arrives,
committing to keeping our roadways safe in 2016 and beyond should remain
an important goal for all drivers.

“Resolving to drive sober, buckle up and avoid cell phone use are all
simple goals that have the power to save lives,” said OTS Director
Rhonda Craft. “Now is the perfect time to remind drivers of the
importance of sticking with these behaviors throughout the upcoming

Starting off 2016 with these resolutions in mind can act as the first
step towards making California’s roadways safer. While resolutions often
only pertain to the person making them, these carry extra significance
because they have the potential to affect every driver or passenger who
shares the road with you at any given time.

The California Office of Traffic Safety encourages all drivers to review
this list of common sense resolutions for a safe 2016 and share them
with family, friends and coworkers:

DUI Prevention

  • I resolve not to drink any alcohol or take any impairing drug or
    medication if I’m going to be driving
  • I resolve to be the designated sober driver for friends and family
    when they ask
  • I resolve to stay sober if I am the designated driver, even if I’m
    offered free drinks
  • I resolve to give my kids a safe ride home – no questions asked –
    whenever they call

Cell Phone/Mobile Devices

  • I resolve to focus on the road and not text or talk on my cell phone
    while driving, even hands-free
  • I resolve to not call or text anyone when I think they may be driving

Safe Driving

  • I resolve to require everyone, myself included, to buckle up on every
    ride – no matter the distance
  • I resolve to share the road safely with other drivers, motorcyclists,
    bicyclists and pedestrians alike

The California Office of Traffic Safety wishes you a safe, healthy and
happy 2016. If you plan on including alcohol in your New Year’s Eve
festivities, be sure to start off the New Year right by designating a
sober driver ahead of time.

For a list of bars and restaurants near you that offer complimentary
non-alcoholic beverages and other perks for designated sober drivers,
download the DDVIP app, available for free on iPhone and Android
devices. For a list of delicious non-alcoholic recipes you can easily
make for your own celebrations, visit the OTS Facebook page at
To follow along with all OTS efforts, visit


California Office of Traffic Safety
Chris Cochran, 916-509-3063