New York RainGlobe Launching this Month

New York Finally Gets the Tourist Item It Deserves

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#makingitrain–The RainGlobes team is excited to announce the latest addition to their
product lineup – the New York RainGlobe. RainGlobes, the patented globe
that simulates actual rainfall, has quickly become one of the most
popular tourist and local item in the Pacific Northwest. “People love
seeing it actually rain inside a globe, as it’s something they’ve
never seen before!” notes Fred Northup, Jr., co-founder and co-inventor.
“They’ve seen a snow globe – but it rains more than it snows in most
tourist cities in the world… so this is completely new and exciting.”
The New York design is the first of four new designs that RainGlobes
will release in 2017; it is joined by Seattle, Portland, San Francisco,
Ketchikan, Washington State, Oregon Coast, and Noah’s Ark designs.

“Since our commercial launch in 2012, RainGlobes have been very popular
and the company’s expansion plan includes several large markets,” adds
Scott Larson, co-founder and co-inventor. “New York represents the
largest tourist destination in the United States and one of the largest
in the world. The New York City skyline is world renowned.” The New York
RainGlobe incorporates the iconic Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower,
Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and the
yellow taxi-cab. Fred adds, “Great attention was paid to ensure that the
scale, color, and overall vibrance matched that of the Big Apple.
Although the company is based in Seattle, all three co-founders have
lived in New York at some point – and our third partner Josh James still
does. So we set the design bar really high for not only a RainGlobe, but
for any New York themed item.”

Advanced 3D Printing Technologies

The New York RainGlobe is the first design that utilized advanced 3D
printing technologies. “3D printing technologies allowed us to reduce
our design and prototyping lead times by 40%,” said Korion Morris,
Business Development Manager and Partner for RainGlobes. “It’s also
enabled us to alter specific aspects of the design on the fly. Instead
of printing a new sample for each revision, we’re now able to print
specific elements within the diorama, in turn reducing waste.”

Available Now

Following the success of the New York Indiegogo campaign, the New York
RainGlobe is available for order now on, Indiegogo,
Amazon, and will be on display in the Enchanted Moments booth #5426 at
the New York Now Gift Show, February 5th – 8th at
the Javits Convention Center. “We have a very exciting product roadmap,”
notes Josh James, co-founder and co-inventor of RainGlobes, “we’re also
advancing licensing opportunities and expanding our product offerings in
select markets.”

For more information about RainGlobes, please visit


Korion Morris, 206-306-6743