Nexon and Big Huge Games Celebrate DomiNations’ One-Year Anniversary with Expansive Global Age Update

Mobile Strategy Game with over 20 Million Downloads Introduces 10th

Bringing New Units, Events and Gifts for All Players

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexon and Big Huge Games are celebrating the first anniversary of DomiNations
with the introduction of the Global Age, a massive content update
including the 10th historic era in the game. Based on the
technologies and events of World War II, Global Age introduces exciting
new troops including anti-tank Bazookas, lethal Mortars, and
Paratroopers that can be precision-dropped anywhere behind enemy lines.
Along with the latest Age, DomiNations continues to deliver even
more historic content after release, as dynamic in-game events will
unfold highlighting famous battles from World War II, including D-Day
and Guadalcanal. The multiplayer mobile strategy game DomiNations
has been downloaded more than 20 million times globally and is available
as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android devices

“We’re thrilled to reach this milestone in DomiNations, and to
celebrate it with the 20 million fans who have discovered the game so
far,” said Tim Train, CEO Big Huge Games and Project Lead on the title.
“World War II is the pivot point of modern history, and as designers we
can draw on a rich legacy from that era. We’re excited to get all these
new features into players’ hands as a one-year anniversary gift!”

With the addition of the Global Age, ten distinct eras from history are
now playable in DomiNations, and this anniversary update is a
celebration of them all, giving players new content at every Age. DomiNations
introduces Supply Drops as gifts to all players for the support over the
game’s first year. Newcomers as well as veterans will find air dropped
packages scattered throughout their base, providing a chance to try out
the new late-game content and to accelerate their progression through
the Ages.

“Global Age continues to build on Big Huge Games’ ultimate vision of
creating a historically-based strategy game experience that will
resonate with gamers worldwide,” said Lawrence Koh, General Manager,
Nexon M. “We have no doubt that this marks the first of many
anniversaries for DomiNations.

In DomiNations, players build one of eight nations, researching,
exploring and gathering resources in order to complete strategic
single-player and multiplayer conquests and grow their civilization.
With more than 100 unique upgradeable structures, units and
technologies, players must balance managing their civilization’s food
and economy while training their armies to earn valuable loot in battle
and defending their own wealth.

DomiNations is available as a free download on iPhone, iPad and
iPod touch on the App
and for Android devices on Google
. In the game, players can experience all of human history from
the Stone Age to the Space Age.

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About NEXON Co., Ltd.

NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO) is a worldwide leader in
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developed one of the world’s first graphics-based massively multiplayer
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About Big Huge Games

Big Huge Games specializes in mobile strategy games. The studio was
founded in 2013 by 25- year game industry collaborators Brian Reynolds
and Tim Train, along with several other longtime veterans, and hopes to
keep the flame alive of the original Big Huge Games which ran from 2000
to 2012. The studio was acquired by Nexon in March of 2016 to provide
long-term, comprehensive service for DomiNations, including game
development, operations, user support and marketing while continuing to
create new and exciting strategy game experiences.


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