Next Advanced Medicine’s Candice Hall, D.C., Joins World Health Day’s Fight to Beat Diabetes

Dr. Candice Hall, D.C., is helping patients reverse Type 2 diabetes
through a functional approach

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Next Advanced Medicine is pleased to announce CEO Candice Hall
supporting World Health Day 2016. The 2016 theme for World Health
Day on April 7 is “Beating Diabetes,” launching a worldwide battle
against a disease that affects 350 million people around the globe. Of
the 350 million, 90% of those people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes,
the most common version of the disease.

Sponsored every year by the World Health Organization, this year’s
“Beating Diabetes” theme is focused on ways to halt the rise of diabetes
throughout the world, something the California health care provider has
been actively doing for many years.

Next Advanced Medicine and Dr. Candice Hall, D.C., of Irvine, Calif,
have been helping hundreds of patients fight and win that Type 2
diabetes battle, thanks to years of applying Functional Medicine

Under Dr. Hall’s care, patients are actually seeing their diabetes
reversed, reducing and eliminating medicine (including insulin
injections), losing weight, and reducing the risks for diabetic
complications and early death.

“I knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know how to handle it on
my own,” said Sandra Miller, a former patient of Next Advanced Medicine.
“I felt that I didn’t need to be taking all these medications and having
the doses constantly increased. After my program at Next Advanced
Medicine, I’m down to taking just a small amount of blood pressure
medication. I’ve been off of my diabetes medication for quite some time,
and I feel that if I keep working with the tools I’ve been given I’ll be
able to get off of my blood medication entirely. It has been a fabulous

“My blood sugars were running as high as 725 and my A1c was 11.2,” said
former patient Ron Johnson. “My doctor started me on insulin. I was on
insulin for about two weeks when I heard about Next Advanced Medicine’s
program. I was skeptical … I started a program … and within 6 weeks I
was completely off all insulin. My A1c was at 6.0. I had lost 20 pounds
and I also went off my blood pressure medication. My cholesterol has
returned to normal levels and I no longer need cholesterol medication as

“Every time I went to the doctor I had to take more and more
medication,” said Marvin Kopay, former Next Advanced Medicine patient.
“I was on Glucophage then Glyburide then finally they moved me to
Insulin and Januvia. My A1c was 8.3. I was taking a lot of medication. I
was getting leg cramps. Within the first week I was on the program I was
reducing my insulin and I was off my Januvia. By the fifth week I was
completely off of all my insulin. I am no longer a diabetic. Not even a
pre-diabetic. My A1c is now at 5.6. My cholesterol is normal and I feel

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About Next Advanced Medicine

An interdisciplinary medical practice in Irvine, Calif., Next Advanced
Medicine, under the direction of Candice Hall, D.C., focuses on the
treatment and reversal of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and
autoimmunity such as thyroid disease. Unlike traditional medical
professionals, the staff at Next Advanced Medicine provide an
alternative approach for patients who continually suffer from
degenerative and chronic health issues. The practice’s team of medical
doctors, chiropractors, therapists, physician assistants and licensed
nutritionists value their community of patients and strive to be
compassionate to those in need.


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