No Revision EVER! The Safest & Most Successful Rhinoplasty

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Safe to say, shape of your nose probably has the largest influence on
deciding your overall image because it is located in the center of your
face. In the recent years, eyeplasty and rhinoplasty has become very
popular and widely spread out not only for Koreans but also foreigners,
attracting people around the world to visit Korea for the very best eyes
and nose shapes.

Some mistake rhinoplasty to be very easy surgery to perform like eye
surgeries, but this is hardly the case.

Unlike eye surgeries, rhinoplasty requires implant insertion, which
requires high skills and with its large role in deciding one’s image, if
the surgery does not go well as planned, patients have to suffer from
the bad quality nose job. Depending on the length and shape, various
rhinoplasty techniques are used such as short nose correction, long nose
correction, hump correction, deviation correction, and also the
implant’s shape, height, and length are determined by each individual’s
nose shape and condition.

For this reason, rhinoplasty specialist should take the patients’ face
shape and overall proportion into consideration in deciding the most
appropriate surgical method to minimize the possibility of revision
surgery and possible side effects.

Westerners’ noses, which most Asians admire, have structural difference
to Asian noses. Westerners’ nose would look artificial and imbalanced on
an Asian face due to this structural difference, therefore nose that
creates harmony and is proportional to rest of your facial features
would be the most ideal and beautiful nose shape.

TL Plastic Korea Facial Contouring Center Director Kim Jeemyeong says
“Successful eye and nose surgery should be personalized to best fit
one’s image and facial proportion, but be identical and standardized.
Standardized surgery would make you look unnatural and lack personality”.

He also adds, “For successful surgeries, you should not choose the
cheapest price, but consider the surgeon’s career, reputation, and
whether is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.”


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