Novel Tissue Resection Device Offers Patients “See and Treat” Care

PARK CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Frank Mayeda, a board certified GYN from Women’s Health Connecticut,
used a new device to remove a polyp from a patient in his office.
Performing these procedures in the physician’s office allows the
physician the ability to “see and treat” the patient without the time,
inconvenience and cost of going to the hospital.

“Tissue resection procedures are very common in my practice,” said Dr.
Mayeda. “The RESECTR allowed me to treat the patient upon diagnosis.
This provides the patient with a safe treatment without the anxiety of
coming back to the hospital. Performing the procedure in my office also
significantly reduces the cost to our healthcare system.”

Tissue resection may be performed throughout the body with numerous
devices and techniques. Uterine polyps are often removed by passing a
small cylindrical medical device, or tissue resector, with electrically
powered cutting blades through a long hysteroscope to target and remove

“Current tissue resection devices are expensive and prohibit me from
doing these procedures in my office,” continued Dr. Mayeda. “The RESECTR
device gives me a cost effective way to offer similar treatment to my

RESECTR’s are 100% disposable manual surgical instruments powered by an
award-winning handle controlled by the clinician. Physicians control
cutting blade actuation when they squeeze the handles to actuate the
distal cutting blades.

“Reducing the cost of healthcare in today’s environment is the
responsibility of industry,” said Chris Livingstone, Vice President of
Sales and Marketing for the RESECTR platform. “The RESECTR device helps
physicians treat their patients while lowering the cost of healthcare.
Providing the physicians with a tool that allows them to ‘see and treat’
patients while reducing the cost is a winning combination.”

RESECTRs made in the USA for Distal Access, Park City, Utah. RESECTRs
are registered with the FDA and protected by 12 issued and pending
patents. For more information about the RESECTR, call 1-954-534-9345 or


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