OASE biOrb® TUBE Aquarium Debuts at Global Pet Expo (GPE)

Innovative Design Provides an Impressive 360° View of Aquatic Life
with LED Lighting and Clean, Clear Water Via Patented Filtration

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OASE, the global leader in creative water design, is pleased to
introduce a new line to its impressive collections of sleek,
low-maintenance biOrb® aquariums. The new biOrb®
TUBE aquariums feature a cylindrical-profile with a unique 360°
transparent view and an unprecedented array of multi-color LED lighting
options with easy remote control customization. The line will be
launched in North America at the Global Pet Expo (GPE) in booth 5191 in
Orlando on March 22.

The modern TUBE collection is crafted with durable acrylic that achieves
increased visibility over typical glass aquariums, while also enhancing
the awe-inspiring LED illumination options. Available with standard or
multi-color remote-controlled LED lighting, the minimalist design of the
TUBE can set the ambiance of a room or blend easily into the décor of
any home. The TUBE is available in either a stylish white or black trim
and sized to accommodate four or nine gallons of water.

“Gone are the days of ordinary traditional, bulky aquariums,” said
Leslie Lancaster, marketing coordinator for OASE biOrb. “We are
reinvigorating the fish-keeping hobby with modern designs that provide
top-of-the-line filtration to ensure a beautiful, low-maintenance
approach to keeping an aquarium pristine. This is a win-win for the
retailer looking to increase sales with an exciting new style.”

The biOrb TUBE provides the ideal aquarium environment with crystal
clear, highly oxygenated, pH-balanced water paired with the perfect
amount of beneficial bacteria. This is achieved through the patented
biOrb five-stage filtration and underground filter. The concealment of
the filter, along with the specially designed ceramic media substrate,
sets the TUBE apart from the conventional aquarium’s unsightly hang-on
filters. biOrb has designed filtration where it is needed most and where
waste naturally settles, at the bottom. This coupled with an
easy-to-change filter cartridge makes ongoing TUBE maintenance a breeze.

To learn more, visit the OASE biOrb booth (5191) at GPE or call
888-755-5646 to speak to an OASE representative.

About the OASE Group

Since 1949, the
OASE Group
, headquartered in Horstel, Germany, has been “passionate
about water.” Today OASE is the global leader in water gardening
technology with innovative, quality products that satisfy the
requirements of professional landscapers and pond enthusiasts at any
level. In 2014, GeoGlobal Partners became a subsidiary of the OASE
Group, responsible for maintaining the consumer and commercial business
in North America. This includes management of the OASE Group’s line of
Indoor Aquatics. OASE Indoor Aquatics harnesses the years of water
gardening technology into compelling innovations that translates into a
breadth of versatile products suitable for novice to experienced


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