Ocean Spray Announces Start of the North American Cranberry Harvest

Grower-Owned Cooperative expects global industry will harvest just
over 13 million barrels of the native fruit in 2016

Spray Cranberries, Inc.
, a Grower-Owned cooperative, announced today
its latest crop estimate for the 2016 cranberry harvest. Providing
conditions remain as expected, Ocean Spray predicts the global industry
will produce approximately 13 million barrels of cranberries. Ocean
Spray anticipates its Grower-Owners will deliver around 8 million
barrels of cranberries to the Cooperative’s receiving and processing
facilities this year. A barrel is the standard measure for cranberries
and is equal to 100lbs or 45Kg.

“Our Cooperative of family farms and the cranberry industry as a whole
continues to grow by consistently delivering a high quality crop,”
shared Dan Crocker, VP of Cooperative Development and Global
Ingredients. “As a cooperative, Ocean Spray is focused on selling that
crop by growing demand for our Grower-Owner’s fruit through both new
product innovation and continuing to introduce the cranberry to new
markets, geographies, and consumers worldwide.”

Ocean Spray Grower-Owners are located throughout all cranberry growing
regions including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and
Wisconsin, as well as British Columbia, Eastern Canada (Quebec, New
Brunswick, and Nova Scotia) and Chile. Regionally, Ocean Spray expects
Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Quebec to experience significantly larger
crops than 2015 with all other growing regions remaining steady. The
Cooperative wrapped up the South American harvest in June with Ocean
Spray receiving just under half a million barrels of fruit in Chile.

Regional Estimates for the 2016 North American Harvest are as follows:

Massachusetts 2.1 million barrels
New Jersey 540,000 barrels
480,000 barrels
Washington 170,000 barrels
Wisconsin 5.8
million barrels
Total USA: 9.1 million barrels

British Columbia 1 million barrels
Eastern Canada 2.6 million
Total Canada: 3.6 million barrels

The North American cranberry harvest begins in mid-September and will
run through mid-November, culminating just before Thanksgiving in the
United States.

About Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is the world’s leading producer of cranberry products, but
it’s not your typical food company. Founded in 1930, we are proud to be
an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry farmers who
receive the proceeds from every berry sold. Our 2,000 employees are
united with these family farms in a shared purpose to ignite a passion
for our cranberries around the world. For more information visit: www.oceanspray.com
or www.oceanspray.coop.


Ocean Spray
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