ONE Email- ONE Platform- ONE Solution: galaxmailTM

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Verizon–A new solution to receive reliable emails has been introduced; giving
users and businesses alike the confidence and control to send and
receive emails.

With the recent announcement and discussions surrounding the Verizon &
Yahoo! Agreement, and user concerns regarding the reliability with
sending and receiving emails, it was time to introduce and launch an
email platform that allows users the ease and comfort of knowing all of
their email needs are fulfilled under a single platform.

As a user, reliability in sending and receiving communication through
your email should never be a question but rather a given.

“Galaxier has created a simple, and reliable email option called galaxmailTM
that allows our users to send and receive emails without questioning
whether the intended recipient receives their message,” explained Isaac
Daniel, Founder of Galaxier.

Experience galaxmailTM now and sign up for free at

About galaxmailTM:

galaxmailTM is a reliable and secure platform that provides
users the assurance that all email communications from its users will be
sent and protects their privacy.

About Galaxier:

Galaxier is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Galaxier is an advanced
next-generation internet search aggregator developed to offer users an
enhanced interactive search experience, along with advanced features to
protect users’ security and rights to their search privacy.

Galaxier provides comprehensive global search results without storing
sensitive, personally identifiable data. This puts the consumer in the
driver’s seat, prioritizing user privacy and delivering the confidence
of knowing that one’s search history is not being shared or potentially
sold to third-party companies.

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