Orange Effect Foundation Empowers Children with Speech Disorders

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Orange Effect Foundation announced today, following a quarterly
board meeting, that it has awarded grants to fund essential speech
therapy to two applicants in Northeast Ohio.

The recipients are both under the age of five. The Orange Effect
Foundation recognizes that the earlier therapy is received the more
successful the outcome is likely to be. One recipient, age two, will use
the grant award to receive critical therapy prior to her third birthday
when she is eligible for speech services through the school district.
Her parents are already aware of the incredible strides that she has
made after just a few speech therapy sessions. They are thrilled to see
the “big smile…every time she says a word, and the excitement in her
eyes when she realizes we actually understand what she wants.” These
improvements in language have reduced frustration and increased positive
interactions with her three siblings, who are all under the age of four.

Another recipient, age four, is also in a critical stage of development.
The funds he will receive will subsidize therapy in the absence of
affordable health care. His parents state that therapy “has helped
tremendously” but that he still has a long way to go. The grant from the
Orange Effect Foundation will alleviate the financial burden of
providing for weekly therapy.

“We are so fortunate for the education that so many organizations have
provided, letting families realize the importance of early intervention
with children. To be able to help two more families get much-needed
speech therapy services fills my heart with joy,” says Pam Kozelka
Pulizzi, founder and executive director, Orange Effect Foundation. “OEF
would not be here without the support of our Board and the community
helping us impact these children’s futures.”

The Orange Effect Foundation empowers children and young adults with
speech disorders to effectively communicate through therapy, education,
research, and technology resources. The Orange Effect Foundation awards
quarterly grants through a competitive application and review process.
The next grant application deadline is June 1, 2016. For more
information and to obtain a copy of the grant application visit

About the Orange Effect Foundation

The Orange
Effect Foundation
strives to make sure that every single person has
the ability to communicate. The foundation, while officially formed in
2014, actually began back in 2001 when the founders’ son was born with
autism. Early intervention has led him to be a very heartwarming and
independent young man. The Pulizzi family wanted to give back by
empowering other children with the therapy and tools they need to
communicate effectively.

In 2007, Golf for Autism was started, in time raising over $100,000 for
autism and speech therapy services. This year’s event will be held on
August 8, 2016, at Elyria Country Club. For more information, please


Orange Effect Foundation
Maureen Stanton, 1-888-554-2014