Pacific Yurts Unveils “YURT BUILDER 3D™,” Industry’s First Online Yurt Visualizer

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–You’ll find one at 10,000 feet, welcoming intrepid heli-skiers in
Nevada’s Ruby Mountains. Near Austin, Texas, couples enjoy their morning
coffee while taking in panoramic views from one that’s perched 60 feet
high in a majestic Cypress tree. At the United States Embassy in
Mongolia, a modern Pacific
stands alongside its traditional counterparts, and these days
it’s rare to visit an American campground, music festival or military
resort that hasn’t embraced the structure as a cost-effective yet
luxurious way to house guests in both style and seclusion.

Since pioneering the modern yurt nearly 40 years ago, Pacific Yurts, the
Cottage Grove, Oregon-based leader in yurt technology and customer
service, has seen its innovations brought to life in myriad ways by
private and commercial customers who recognize the structure’s seemingly
endless possibilities. If you’ve experienced a yurt yourself, it’s
likely that Pacific Yurts built it, and with “YURT BUILDER 3D™,” the
newest addition to its website,,
the company has placed those possibilities directly at your fingertips.

YURT BUILDER 3D™ works like a virtual shopping cart for Pacific Yurts’
many options and amenities, an online visual tool that allows
prospective buyers to choose their yurt’s size, color and accessories,
then view their custom creation from any angle and even take a look
inside. As they build their ideal yurt, a price quote is automatically
generated, and for the final touch, the online visitor can place their
yurt in one of several idyllic virtual settings.

“We’re streamlining the process of helping our customers gather
information on the yurt visually, on their own, and helping them decide
how it’s going to work best for them,” said Pacific Yurts founder and
President Alan Bair.

Bair said there’s nothing quite like the YURT BUILDER 3D™ elsewhere in
the yurt-building industry, and he added that it’s only natural that
Pacific Yurts be the company to pioneer the technology.

“We’ve been the leader in yurt innovation for decades, so why wouldn’t
we want our website to reflect that?” he said.

The company’s revamped site also offers a chance to explore the
accommodations of yurt getaway destinations through its “The
Yurt Experience
” page, which showcases the many backdrops for one of
the world’s most adaptable and versatile buildings while boosting the
online audience — free of charge — of commercial yurt owners throughout
the U.S. and Canada. They have also incorporated 360°
virtual tours
of their four largest yurts onto their website to help
capture the unique feeling of being inside a yurt.

It’s this kind of online accessibility that no doubt helped convince
Airbnb to dub 2014 the “Year of the Yurt,” recognizing the most popular
type of rental chosen by the listing site’s users. It’s also the kind of
relationship that comes with every Pacific Yurts purchase.

Because it’s only after the online yurt experience begins that the
lasting value of the modern yurt — and the company that has brought it
to millions worldwide — really shines through. Pacific Yurts knows it’s
the quality of their yurts’ construction, the innovations that only they
can offer and the reliability in customer service they’ve honed over
decades as the industry’s leader that are the keys to their continued

Throughout the listings found on the Yurt Experience page, you’ll find
Pacific Yurts customers that have learned to rely on the company’s
ability to deliver quality yurts in less time than their competitors.
Recently, a state parks department was able to order three Alpine yurts
— their largest models, which feature an ability to withstand snow loads
that could crush a lesser structure — and have them delivered in no time.

“We’ve had customers tell us that they don’t even go out for bids
anymore, because we’re the only company capable of turning around a
large order, quickly and with quality,” Bair said.

And the enhancements keep coming from Pacific Yurts’ inviting Cottage
Grove headquarters, where 90 percent of each yurt’s materials are
sourced regionally and assembled by local employees and where thermal
glass windows and a new line of low-maintenance fiberglass doors with
optional programmable keypads have helped to further expand the yurt’s

It’s business practices such as these that have continued to help new
generations discover Pacific Yurts and, by extension, the possibilities
of the company’s stock-in-trade.

“Many people that we talk to are discovering the yurt for the first
time,” Bair said. “It’s so impressive that our modern yurts have
continued to be trendy for almost 40 years, and that innovations have
continued to open up new and exciting ways to use them.”

To begin designing your custom yurt, visit the YURT


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