Papa’s Pilar® Rum Partners with The Billfish Foundation and Fin & Field to Support Conservation at the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open

The Papa’s Pilar Fishing Team Will be Tagging Marlin on Behalf of The
Billfish Foundation to Collect Research Data and to Promote and Support
Billfish Conservation

®, the premium sipping rum inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s
spirit of adventure, and Fin & Field, the online marketplace
for booking hunting and fishing adventures, have assembled an all-star,
celebrity fishing team for The White Marlin Open, with a special
focus on enhancing and promoting billfish research and conservation.

Throughout their partnership with Fin & Field, The
Billfish Foundation,
the world’s leader in advancing the
conservation and responsible management of billfish, including white
marlin, has donated 20 billfish tags to the team, authorizing white
marlin tagging throughout the tournament, which runs from August 8-13.
In 2015 The White Marlin Open sported an impressive 99.8%
billfish release rate making it a perfect opportunity to expand
research. These tags will help researchers assist in gathering data
needed to improve management of the species, while still enjoying the
tournament. The Billfish Foundation relies on this research from
the recreational community to learn more about these economically
important gamefish and their stock health to help ensure that
sportfishing opportunities are available for future generations.

“The combined effort of Papa’s Pilar, adventure resource Fin & Field and
the celebrity fishing team will properly tag the fish and offer a great
platform to endorse our cornerstone tag and release program,” said Peter
Chaibongsai, Director of Conservation Programs, The Billfish
. “We hope other teams will consider adopting catch, tag
and release practices after watching the example set by the team.”

The Papa’s Pilar fishing team, led by Captain Scott Walker (Into The
), is made up of influential adventurers, including: Captain
Wild Bill Wichrowski (Deadliest Catch), Steve Groth (CEO of
Papa’s Pilar), Ozzy Delgado, Mike Schmitt, Dave Shenk, Steve Dougherty,
and Tyler Lindorf.

The team will pick three of the five days to fish, providing flexibility
around sea and weather conditions. Papa’s Pilar will host Happy Hours on
“off days” from fishing, as well as daily “docktails” featuring premium
rum cocktails made with the brand’s award-winning, solera-aged and
blended Dark and Blonde expressions.

“The collective Papa’s Pilar Fishing Team shares a passion for
adventure, billfish conservation and of course, rum,” said Steve Groth,
CEO, Papa’s Pilar. “Building a super-premium rum brand is an exciting
daily adventure which the fishing community has embraced. We’re
incredibly grateful for the support and proud to give back in some way.”

Papa’s Pilar was developed in conjunction with Ernest Hemingway’s
estate. The Hemingway family donates 100 percent of their royalty
profits to organizations that embody the likes of adventure, literacy,
and conservation. The brand is the “official rum” of the Coastal
Conservation Association of Florida
, partner of the International
Game Fish Association, and works with local charitable foundations and
causes dear to Hemingway and his heirs.

Papa’s Pilar rums are available in 750ml bottles in both on- and
off-premise establishments in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,
Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, DC. The
brand is also registered in: Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North
Carolina, Oregon, Utah and Virginia. The suggested retail price of the
Dark and Blonde are $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. Prices may vary by

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About Hemingway Rum Company, LLC

Hemingway Rum Company, LLC is a distilled spirits company based in
Florida that’s dedicated to producing super-premium multi-sourced solera
blended artisanal rums. The Company’s inaugural offerings are Papa’s Pila

Dark and Blonde rums, incepted and crafted by a seasoned team of
best-in-class partners. The Company encourages consumers of legal
drinking age to Live Courageously and Drink Responsibly and proudly
supports local organizations that serve Ernest Hemingway’s adventurous,
literary and conservational legacy.
Papa’s Pilar® is a proud
member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

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