Parent Training Offers Tips to Navigate Tuition Assistance

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Capstone Legacy Foundation will host a parent engagement meeting in an
effort to raise awareness of education options in Philadelphia and grant
parents access to affordable K-12 education on Monday, January 25. The
event is timed to coincide with National School Choice Week (January
24‒30, 2016), which will be the largest series of education-related
events in US history.

The parent engagement meeting will be held at the Evangelistic Gospel
Crusade Church on January 25 from 6:30‒8:00 pm. Community leaders with
the various expertise to answer questions that parents have concerning
budgeting, college for their high school seniors, additional tuition
resources, etc., will be available during the event.

“With almost 200 failing schools throughout Philadelphia in the last
school year, our parents deserve options. No child should be condemned
to a failing school just because of his or her zip code. Thanks to
National School Choice Week, parents are learning they do have choices,
and we will continue to support their efforts to select the school that
best fits their child’s needs,” said Dr. Alberta Wilson, CEO of the
Capstone Legacy Foundation.

The Capstone Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit scholarship organization
that grants scholarships to children in Christian schools (K-12), as
well as educating parents concerning school choice. It also helps
parents to understand school choice and the various options available
while helping them to navigate the tuition arena so their children can
remain in the school of their choice.

Kids World Education Learning Center is a partner with the Capstone
Legacy Foundation in planning this event. Over 100 parents are expected
to attend.

For more information, contact Dr. Alberta Wilson, at

As a nonpartisan, nonpolitical public awareness effort, National School
Choice Week shines a positive spotlight on effective education options
for students, families, and communities around the country.

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Capstone Legacy Foundation
Dr. Alberta Wilson, 610-608-2119