Patrick Deegan Joins Personal BlackBox Company as Chief Technology Officer

Deegan to Lead Software Development for First-to-Market Data
Relationship Company

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Personal BlackBox™ Company (PBC), a better data relationship company set
to launch the Digital Mirror™ this Fall, announced today that Patrick
Deegan has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. In his role,
Deegan will lead the development of the Personal BlackBox platform, and
ecosystem of Powered by PBB applications and the People Powered
Marketing™ (PPM) software. The Digital Mirror is a creative
visualization of an individual’s data being reflected back to them to
reveal the insights that are typically only available to marketers and

Deegan earned a M.S. Ph.D in Computer Science and designed and
implemented several humanoid robots. This work was subsequently utilized
as the mobile dexterous base for the MIT Media Lab Nexi platform, named
one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2008. He holds several patents
and while at Rethink Robotics, helped to develop Baxter, a collaborative
robot for workforce flexibility that was named one of TIME Magazine’s
Best Inventions of 2012.

“Personal BlackBox is on the forefront of unlocking the value of
personal data and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved in making
this a reality,” said Deegan. “We are building the functionality that
will allow businesses to create deeper, more transparent, better data
relationships with consumers while creating value for the exchange of
data and greater integrity through independent oversight provided by the
PBB Trust.”

“Patrick’s vision for creating a new digital asset ecosystem and
aptitude for developing secure, comprehensive, human-computer interfaces
make him the right person to lead technology for PBB,” said Haluk Kulin,
founder and CEO of the company. “We’re creating a new, powerful
marketing platform for companies, from consumer goods to insurance, to
deliver compelling data and, most importantly, security and value for
both businesses and people.”

True architectures for personal data rights require continuously
developing and deploying tools that are additive to an individual’s
exercise of privacy, control, and value on their datasets. The Personal
Data Independence™ framework helps companies establish better, more
valuable data relationships with their consumers in a way that reduces
the data risk and liabilities for both. For the consumer, the PBB
application is designed for people to have full control, privacy and
benefit of their data. Through PBB and the Personal Data Independence
framework, people are finally able to own their data and bring better
health, greater wealth and knowledge to their lives based on the access
they will now have from their data.

About Personal BlackBox

Personal BlackBox (PBB) is a data relationship company that provides
platforms and services to build transparent, productive and private data
relationships between companies and people. Companies are freed of the
liability and risks associated with consumer data because the PBB Trust
puts ownership and control of personal data in the hands of people. PBB
has built an enterprise scale platform that allows companies to build
apps and campaigns that connect to consumer data for analysis through a
series of APIs – without ever allowing the customer’s data out of the
system. PBB, which is a Public Benefit Corporation, operates in tandem
with the PBB Trust, an entity designed to safeguard personal data with
personal data independence standards, security and new policies. For
more information or to join PBB, go to


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