Provides 5 Tips for Making a Dog Fall in Love With You

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While dogs are well known for being the best Valentine’s dates out
there, doting on humans does not come naturally to every pup. “Getting a
dog to like you is a mix of art and science—blending some Dr. Doolittle
skills with a little old-fashioned treat bribery,” says Victoria Schade,’s
certified dog-training expert.

To help you speed up the puppy love process, has put
together the following tips:

1. Take it Slow: Even if every dog you have ever met has been
happy and affectionate with you, don’t assume the next one will. “Dogs
are individuals shaped by their life experiences,” says Schade. It’s
best to take it slow.

2. Learn Canine Body Language: Wiggly bodies are an indicator of
willingness to interact, as well as a loose, wagging tail. But a dog
that yawns when meeting someone new, or continuously licks their lips,
might be trying to convey
that they’re stressed

3. Watch Your Body Language: Body language is a two-way street.
“Rather than looming over an unfamiliar dog, squat down and face
slightly away from the dog,” says Schade. If he or she opts to keep his
or her distance, or sniffs at you and immediately backs up, don’t try to
pet them.

4. Follow the Three-Second Rule: Dogs don’t like being pet in
every situation, especially high-stress ones. Start off with a shoulder
massage, continue for three seconds and then stop. If the dog leans into
you, you were doing something right! If the dog doesn’t
ask for more
, give him or her their distance.

5. Remember, Treats Make Friends: “The trick with a shy dog is to
toss the treat to him rather than making him collect it from your hand,
because his uncertainty about you might short-circuit his desire for the
treat,” says Schade. Some dogs will refuse treats when in a stressful
situation, so if you offer a goody and the dog turns you down, make a
mental note to proceed slowly, or invest in a more delicious

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Wendy Toth