PICKUP Arrives in Austin, Texas with Instant Delivery at Guaranteed Prices

Surprise charges are a thing of the past with guaranteed pricing, now
available in all locations

the Instant Delivery service featuring Good Guys and their trucks, today
announced its on-demand service is immediately available in the Lone
Star State’s capital, Austin, Texas. This is PICKUP’s fourth major city
and second expansion in less than nine months; the service is also
available in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

In addition to bringing Instant Delivery to Austin, PICKUP is
simplifying the experience by introducing flat rate delivery pricing
starting at $49 in all of its locations.

“We’re excited to bring Austin the convenience of Instant Delivery at
simple flat rate prices. Having a guaranteed price gives our customers
clarity on how much it will cost to have something delivered right
away,” said Brenda Stoner, chief Good Guy, PICKUP. “Whether it’s
furniture or a mattress that is too large to fit in a car – or bought
online for pick up in store (BOPUS), we can help and tell you exactly
what the cost will be. Guaranteed!”

PICKUP’s Good Guy drivers are trust verified and go through extensive
background checks. Many are military veterans, firefighters and off-duty
first responders. Using their own trucks, Good Guys will transport
appliances, mattresses, TVs and just about anything else on-demand.

“No one wants to be stuck waiting seven days or longer for a delivery.
Retailers know speed is a key reason that influences a shopper’s
purchase decision. Before we began our retail partner program, many
retailers struggled to offer speed, flexibility and convenience across
the final mile to the customer’s home,” commented Stoner. “PICKUP is the
plug-and-play solution retailers need to increase sales and customer
satisfaction, while acting as a trusted extension of their brand. It’s a
win-win. The customer is happy to get their item within hours, and the
store can focus on sales rather than logistics.”

The arrival of PICKUP in Austin is part of the strategic growth plan for
the company. Equity investments were secured from Ross Perot, Jr.,
Anurag Jain, Mike Wetzer and Albert Cantu specifically to expand into
new markets.

Instant Delivery is available via www.pickupnow.com,
or Android
apps, or by calling 1-800-560-2168.


PICKUP® Instant Delivery™ is a real-time, last-mile logistics network
that enables consumers to experience same day delivery of big, heavy and
specialty retail items that traditionally required advanced scheduling.
The company was first to offer guaranteed pricing, starting at $49.
Using trust-verified drivers known as Good Guys, PICKUP has recruited
many former military service members and off-duty first responders.
PICKUP offers insured delivery seven days a week, including weekends and
holidays. Additional services include assembly, installation, in-home or
on-site labor. For more information, please visit www.pickupnow.com.


Stacey Gaswirth, 214-213-4675