PicoBrew’s Pico Surpasses $200,000 Crowdfunding Campaign Goal in Less than Nine Hours

Crowd-funding campaign for unique craft beer home brewing appliance
continues to accelerate as international sales begin to spike

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eight and ½ hours after its launch on Kickstarter, PicoBrew’s
newest product offering, the Pico, surpassed the company’s one month
campaign target of $200,000, ending the day with over $300,000 in
pre-sales of the device. The company’s first product, Zymatic, also
exceeded its funding target on its first day, and went on to take honors
as the second highest funded-Kickstarter product in the “food” category
in 2013.

“We’re very grateful to craft beer lovers everywhere who are realizing
that fresh, professional home-brewed craft beer is within their reach,”
said Dr. Bill Mitchell, CEO of PicoBrew. “When we released our first
product, Zymatic in 2013, we delivered a product that nobody believed
was possible: the world’s first fully automatic countertop beer-brewing
machine. Now we’ve taken that patented technology and shrunk it even
further, reduced the price, and made it even easier to use.”

With over 1,200 current Zymatic customers and hundreds of new customers
now pre-ordering the Pico, PicoBrew is both the pioneer and the world
leader of the craft beer brewing appliance market.

The new Pico is a compact, fully automatic brewing appliance that brews
five-liter mini kegs of fresh craft beer in about two hours. One key to
Pico’s ease-of-use is the use of convenient pre-packaged ingredient
modules called PicoPaks. PicoPaks are available from both craft brewers
and homebrewers throughout the world on PicoBrew’s online
Brewmarketplace. More than 50 craft breweries and over 300 homebrewers
have signed up to produce PicoPaks and more are being announced each

Brewmarketplace is effectively a new channel for craft beer, enabling
new brand exposure and allowing craft brewers to directly connect with
customers worldwide.

“Now, for the first time ever, a small craft brewery in Montana can
share their exact beer experience in fresh-brewed form with someone in
Taipei,” said Mitchell, “It’s really going to change the craft beer

Pico is available for pre-order on the PicoBrew
Kickstarter page
for a limited time at the purchase price of $549.

About PicoBrew, Inc.

PicoBrew is a Seattle based company founded in 2010 by former Microsoft
VP Bill Mitchell, food chemist Jim Mitchell, and engineer Avi Geiger.
PicoBrew is the market pioneer of fully automatic craft beer brewing
appliances and in 2013 introduced on Kickstarter the award-winning
Zymatic, which is hailed as the second most successful food campaign,
raising $661,000 of a $150,000 goal. With the introduction of its new
PicoBrew, Pico the company stands poised to deliver on its mission to
“get the world brewing” fresh, great-tasting craft beer at home.


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