Pinta Launches Bodega Media, One of the Largest Audience Platforms in Hispanic Space

Multi-Faceted Media Vehicle Reaches 39 Million Latinos via Mobile and

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pinta, a leading cross-cultural marketing agency, today announced the
launch of Bodega Media (www.Bodega.Media),
the new platform targeting U.S. Hispanic audiences through a combination
of more than 30,000 retail locations nationwide coupled with a database
of four million active Hispanic mobile customers. According to Pinta
President & CEO Mike Valdes-Fauli, this synergistic mix will enable
Bodega Media to offer clients a total of nearly 40 million impressions,
making it one of the largest audience platforms in the Hispanic market

In an increasingly challenging world for marketers suffering from
ad-skipping, ad-blocking and ad-free environments, Bodega reaches
consumers with uninterrupted brand messaging. The property is deeply
entrenched in Latin communities across the country, reaching a critical
audience segment where they reside.

“We’re thrilled to unveil a solution to this long-standing problem in
the Hispanic space; reaching a huge segment of the population that has
traditionally been elusive to large companies, and doing so in a
cost-efficient way,” said Mike Valdes-Fauli, President and CEO of Pinta.
“Putting this in perspective, there approximately 17,000 Starbucks in
the United States, and we now have the capacity to get brand advertising
into 30,000 Hispanic-owned stores within one week. This is an inflection
point for our firm, for the clients we serve, and most importantly, for
the Hispanic community at large.”

To launch this new platform, Pinta has teamed up with a network of
telecommunications leaders, including IDT Telecom (publicly-traded on
the NYSE with $1.6 billion in 2015 revenue), Pure Minutes, an industry
leader in mobile long-distance, and GETE Group, a national sales leader
who will handle fulfillment and logistics.

Bodega Media includes multiple touchpoints and options for brands:

Outdoor Artwork

At 30,000 points of sale, Bodega Media offers placement of printed
posters and display video in closed-captioned televisions within brick
and mortar retailers, including predominantly Hispanic-owned bodegas and
other small independent locations reaching 25 million primarily-
Hispanic consumers each month.

Mobile Marketing

Bodega Media manages a database of four million U.S. Hispanic cell phone
numbers, which can be used to text promotional messages including
offers, deals and clickable links.

Phone Cards

Through the unique ability to include branding and sales messages
imprinted on phone cards frequently used by millions of Hispanics,
brands are able to reach more than 10 million per month.

Verifying Results

Within each touchpoint, Bodega Media is able to verify the placement and
efficacy. Once a poster is placed within brick and mortar locations, a
photo is taken and uploaded to an online platform, ensuring placement.
With the text message campaigns, a report detailing bounce-backs,
opt-outs, and click-throughs is available 24 hours after initiation.

Through a “push/pull” approach, Bodega Media pushes brands’
marketing messages across multiple touch points, and pulls valuable
information through national data capture and insights reporting. Unlike
traditional out-of-home advertising, the platform offers the ability to
access this network at a reduced cost of entry, and unlike most digital
campaigns, at a CPM below the industry average of $10.

“As the Hispanic market continues to evolve, so must the strategies
employed by marketers aiming to reach this diverse demographic,” added
Valdes-Fauli. “We firmly believe this property is unique and will
provide a new way to access the Latin community, helping grow brand
business along the way.”

For the complete Bodega Media press kit, follow
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