Pivot Health Fills Gaps in Coverage Caused by High Health Insurance Deductible

Health consumers can lower out-of-pocket and save on doctor costs by
bundling supplemental insurance products and technology-enabled tools
for simple online purchase.

announces supplemental insurance packages that provide cash
benefits to help consumers cope with the dramatic increase in high
deductible health insurance plans. Coverage can be purchased online in
five minutes or less, and provide immediate protection from unexpected
accidents or a sudden critical illness diagnosis, while reducing costs
for doctor consultations.

While more than 16 million previously uninsured individuals and families
have gained access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act,
the plans people are buying are coming with unreasonably high
deductibles. Enrollment for Obamacare plans closed Jan. 31, and
consumers are now looking for ways to reduce their vulnerability to high

“The average American has to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket each
year to cover medical bills their health insurance doesn’t cover due to
high deductibles,” said Patty Strickland, COO of Pivot
. “Some insurance deductibles exceed $5,000 for an individual
and $10,000 for a family, yet studies show only 51 percent of Americans
have $5,000 in emergency savings.”

Strickland said the 2015 annual deductible for individuals purchasing
unsubsidized plans from the federal marketplace was more than $4,300,
and the average family deductible was more than $8,300.

“These numbers demonstrate an urgent need to provide individuals and
families a safety net to avoid medical bankruptcy. Deductibles are not
getting smaller, but instead growing faster than the cost of health
care,” said Strickland.

Unlike other stand-alone accident or illness insurance plans, the
bundled package offered on Pivot Health includes cash for medical
expenses from qualifying accidents, a daily hospital benefit, accident
disability income and critical illness insurance. They are all part of a
membership package, which also includes non-insurance benefits: 75
percent savings off doctor consultations and a discount prescription
drug card good at over 66,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Pivot Health is an affiliate of Communicating for America (CA), a
national membership organization serving self-employed Americans since
1972. Prices for the membership package range from less than $30 a month
to just under $100 a month, depending on the benefits chosen.

“To put it into perspective, this package is ‘insurance for your
insurance,” said Strickland. “Every day, we hear from members who are
blindsided by large medical bills they never anticipated, and are
thankful they can get cash to pay their doctors or the hospital. Others
use the money to cover the mortgage while they are recuperating. The
freedom to use their supplemental benefits for whatever is needed makes
this product very valuable to the purchaser.”

In addition to supplemental insurance products, Pivot Health offers
access to short term health insurance plans for individuals who are
uninsured or needing temporary insurance coverage while waiting for
major medical coverage to begin.

Learn more about supplemental
protection at Pivot Health or call 866-566-2707.


For Pivot Health
Colleen McGuire, 651-338-8822