Policy Roundtable Being Held for the Psychosocial Standards of Care For Children with Cancer and their Families

Stakeholders Converge on Capitol Hill to Strategize Implementation of
Evidence-Based Standards

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cancercare–The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation is leading a policy roundtable on
January 24, 2017 to brainstorm strategies for implementing the
evidence-based Psychosocial Standards of Care for Children with Cancer
and Their Families.

With leadership and support from the American
Cancer Society
and the ACS
Cancer Action Network
, and in partnership with Dominion
, Mattie Miracle is hosting representatives from several
professional organizations, health insurers, researchers, clinicians,
policy makers, and legislators to discuss implementation and a policy
action plan. This all-day event will be held in room 121 of the Cannon
House Office Building in cooperation with Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD),
Representative Michael McCaul (TX-10), and Representative Jackie Speier

Sen. Van Hollen: “Childhood cancer survivors can face
psychological challenges long after they have been declared cancer-free.
It has been an honor to work with the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation
to ensure survivors and their families have access to the support they
need to live life to its fullest.”

Rep. McCaul: “When I was first elected to Congress, I founded the
Childhood Cancer Caucus to raise awareness about pediatric cancer,
advocate in support of measures to prevent the pain, suffering and
long-term effects of childhood cancers, and work toward the goal of
eliminating cancer as a threat to all children. That is why I continue
to applaud the work of Mattie Miracle. Their vision to ensure all
children with cancer and their families have access to a minimum level
of psychosocial care from the time of diagnosis, through survivorship or
end of life and bereavement care, is absolutely necessary for effective
comprehensive cancer care.”

Rep. Speier: “We have made great strides in the medical care of
children with cancer. However, in the pursuit of a cure we should never
forget that psychosocial support is vital in the management of long term
consequences and survivorship issues that these children and their
families face.”

Victoria and Peter Brown, Co-Founders of the Mattie Miracle Cancer
“Having our child diagnosed with cancer, undergo
treatment, experience profound psychosocial issues, and die from this
disease, enables us to understand that childhood cancer is not just
about the medicine! The psychological impact of childhood cancer is just
as real as the physical consequences for children and their families.”

David Pugach, VP of Federal Relations for ACS’s Cancer Action
“Mattie Miracle’s commitment to drive the development and
publication of the Psychosocial Standards of Care for Children with
Cancer and Their Families, established the evidence base for addressing
the needs of children with cancer and their families. Our responsibility
now is to get these Standards implemented and integrated alongside the
medical care to improve the quality of life across the cancer

Dan Maguire, President and Co-founder of Dominion Consulting: “We
are pleased that our long-term partnership with Mattie Miracle supports
its work on both the local and national levels to increase awareness and
access to psychosocial care for children with cancer and their families.
We are also excited to facilitate this important policy roundtable on
Capitol Hill, and look forward to continuing to support these

The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation and its international network of
over 80 childhood cancer clinicians and researchers will continue to
drive the implementation of the Standards in clinical settings
throughout the country. Learn more at www.mattiemiracle.com/standards.


Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation
Victoria Sardi-Brown, 202-549-8036