PritzkerOlsen Law Firm Represents Family of Girl Sickened in Pizza Ranch E. coli Outbreak

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–National food safety law firm PritzkerOlsen P.A. announced today that it
is representing the family of a 7-year-old girl from Kansas who was
sickened in a public outbreak of toxic E.
coli 0157
. This newly announced outbreak includes at least five
other E. coli patients in Minnesota and health officials have associated
the illnesses with contaminated food served at Pizza
restaurants. The investigation is continuing and involves
infectious disease experts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) and health scientists from Minnesota and other states.

“We’ve been told of five more cases that are part of a multi-state
outbreak of E. coli O157 associated with Pizza Ranch,” said Elliot
, the lawyer from PritzkerOlsen who is representing the Kansas
family. “Unfortunately, young children are some of the most vulnerable
to foodborne illness. E. coli can hit children particularly hard.”

The investigation is in its early stages, but the Minnesota Department
of Health confirmed Tuesday that the first of five
Minnesota illnesses stemmed from a Pizza Ranch meal
eaten Dec. 9.
Another case patient ate at Pizza Ranch as recently as Jan. 16, the
department said.

There are victims in other states and pizza dough is the likely source
of the outbreak, PritzkerOlsen has learned. It is not yet known what
caused the contamination. Olsen said at least one victim of the outbreak
was hospitalized for life-threatening HUS
E. coli infection
, also known as hemolytic uremic syndrome. HUS
causes kidney failure and can lead to stroke, seizure, heart damage,
anemia, coma, paralysis and death. Other vulnerable groups are older
adults and people of all ages who are living with compromised immune

“E. coli outbreaks are preventable and our law firm holds companies
fully accountable for selling food tainted with pathogens,” Olsen said.

Symptoms of an E. coli infection usually develop between two and five
days after exposure, but can appear within 24 hours or as long as 10
days to develop. They include stomach cramps and diarrhea, often bloody.
If you or a loved one was sickened in this outbreak, Olsen urges you to
contact him for a free consultation.

PritzkerOlsen is one of the very few law firms in the country practicing
extensively in the area of foodborne
illness litigation
. Lawyers at the firm have represented food
poisoning victims in practically every major U.S. outbreak over the past
15 years, collecting tens of millions for their clients. The firm has a
national practice and represents clients throughout the United States.
Attorneys Elliot Olsen, Brendan Flaherty and Ryan Osterholm can be
reached at 612-338-0202 or via the firm’s website,
The firm’s offices are centrally located at 45 South 7th
Street, Suite 2950, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402.


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