Professional Latinx Networking Site BeVisible Launches Company Initiative, Announces Partnership with Latino Startup Alliance

First network dedicated to building Latinx connections debuts
#PipelineMovement to encourage workplace diversity

millennials have the lowest participation rates on professional
networking sites like LinkedIn, making it difficult for employers to
connect with qualified Latinx candidates.

To address this, BeVisible, a new professional social networking
platform that allows Latinx millennials to connect with both hiring
companies and each other in a community-driven, collaborative network,
today announced a partnership with the Latino Startup Alliance.

More than 5,000 Latinxs are already members of the BeVisible online
community, and more are joining every day. Already, companies including
Square, Atlassian, Pandora and Razorfish are working directly with the
BeVisible community to network and find qualified employees.

“The Latinx community is rich with professional talent,” said Andrea
Guendelman, co-founder of BeVisible. “BeVisible addresses the need to
bring this talent to the surface and make it easier for hiring companies
to discover.”

The partnership between BeVisible and the Latino Startup Alliance aims
to empower employers to improve their employment diversity pipeline by
connecting with qualified Latinx professionals. Together, the
organizations have launched the #PipelineMovement campaign. For more
information or to register, visit

A recent report from The
National Council from La Raza
revealed that Hispanic millennials
graduating from college still face steep hurdles to employment and
financial security. Further, the study concludes that members of the
Latinx community are more likely than others to rely on relatives and
friends to find jobs rather than marketing themselves through résumés,
searching job postings, or seeking assistance from employment agencies.
As a result, BeVisible, which is currently participating in the Boomtown
accelerator, is poised to become an essential tool for connecting the
Latinx community to employers like never before.

About BeVisible:

Based in Boulder, Colorado, BeVisible aggregates companies and thousands
of Latinx millennials for a community-driven online network providing
critical support with job seeking, collaboration and connecting with
other Latinx professionals. Andrea Guendelman, Silvia Travesani and
Nicole Castillo founded the company in 2015 with the goal of bringing
employee diversity to companies, especially in the tech industry. Learn
more at


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Amy Leger